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    ‘You Season 5’: Cast, Plot, Trailer and Release Date

    Hello, you. The psychotic serial killer and lover, Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) is back yet again for the one last time. The Netflix show You ran for four seasons in total and the fifth and final season is on the way.

    It’s insane to see a man getting away with so many murders and is now living with his partner Kate (Charlotte Ritchie) in New York City. What do the makers have in the box for the fifth season? Will Joe get caught, will he surrender or is he going to get away yet again? Here’s everything we need to know about the show.

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    Plot And Trailer Of The Show

    Joe Goldberg from 'You'
    Joe Goldberg from ‘You’ credits: Netflix

    There hasn’t been a trailer for the series yet. But for the plot, Joe and Kate were happily settled in New York at the end of last season. Joe is probably playing a façade of being the good guy (which he’s not Of course). He’s helping the world alongside Kate but till how long? I guess we never know. 

    They both might follow a happy and peaceful life until another murder plan comes to their mind. Fans await how the writer of the show makes Joe meet his fate for all the crimes he has done in the past.

    Various conspiracy theories are running around that Nadia (Amy-Leigh Hickman), Ellie (Jenna Ortega), and Marianne (Tati Gabrielle), might team up against Joe to stop him once in for all. But no official plot details have been revealed yet.

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    Cast And Release Date Of The Series

    Joe Goldberg
    Joe Goldberg Credits: Netflix

    Now time for the cast of the much-awaited series. The potential cast of the series includes Penn Badgley, who shall reprise his role for Of course Joe Goldberg the man himself with a few more characters including Kate Galvin, Marienne, and Nadia Farran.

    Moreover, Netflix officially posted on 21 March 2024 saying, “Anna Camp and Griffin Matthews to star in the upcoming season of YOU”. The post also added, “Anna will play both Reagan and Maddie Lockwood — twin sisters-in-law to Joe Goldberg and Griffin plays Teddy Lockwood — the snarky, yet loyal brother-in-law.”

    The show’s season 5 was confirmed on 24 March 2023, with Netflix officially confirming *FINAL* season of ‘You’ with a tweet. The potential release date of the show is 2024 or early 2025. But confirmation of the official release date is yet to be made.

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