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    Amber Heard’s Mustang Stolen Multiple Times In 12 Years; Once Johnny Depp Was Involved

    Amber Heard acquired a 1968 Ford Mustang in 2003 with all of her savings, only to have it stolen and wrecked several times since then. In 2016, after just 15 months of marriage, the actress filed for divorce from Hollywood star Johnny Depp. The divorce was nasty, and the former power couple recently ended what might be the most-watched celebrity defamation trials in recent history. While Depp and Heard’s relationship was short-lived, the actress’s love for her 1968 Ford Mustang that they shared during their brief 2015 union is real. Did you know Depp once stole the car? We’ll tell you the reason in a bit.

    Amber Heard is a huge fan of classic and antique automobiles. A 1963 Checker and a 1967 Mercedes-Benz 250SL were two of the historic automobiles she had in her garage, according to the documentary Drive. Heard’s 1968 Mustang, on the other hand, is unquestionably the most recognizable car in her collection. One year before the pair she broke up with Johnny Depp, the first-generation vehicle was featured on the popular US television show ‘Overhaulin‘.

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    Amber Heard’s Mustang Has Been Stolen 4 Times

    Amber heard with her Mustang
    Amber heard with her Mustang

    On Jimmy Kimmel Live, Amber Heard opened up about the several times her 1968 Mustang had been stolen. Every time her car was taken, she had to increase the protection, but it didn’t deter the criminals from stealing her car and driving off in it.

    Once, it was gone for six months. After each attempted robbery, she was able to recover her automobile, although the car was stolen frequently over her 12 years of ownership.

    The fourth time it was stolen, it was a prank by Depp. The actor collaborated with Heard’s father, David Heard, to make her believe that her ‘68 Mustang had been stolen again. They got an actual cop cruiser, a dummy cop, and other actors to make it believable. Naturally, Amber lost it and the prank was revealed. Depp had planned the whole thing to give her car a new and personalized look. 

    The Actress Described Her Car As A “Beautiful Piece Of Junk”

    Amber heard with her Mustang
    Amber heard with her Mustang

    Amber Heard described her ’68 Mustang on ‘Overhaulin‘ as a “driveable piece of garbage” or a “beautiful piece of junk” before Chip Foose worked on it and made it seem like a brand-new car.

    As an up-and-coming actress in Los Angeles in 2003, Heard had purchased a vintage Mustang called Cherry Thunder, which “priced me every cent I had and continued to cost me for the first eight years that I lived in LA,” she said.

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