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    Blac Chyna Under Criminal Investigation For Physical Violence As She Allegedly Kicked A Woman In The Stomach

    Blac Chyna has filed a defamation suit against the Kardashians Jenners family after losing the “Rob and Chyna Show.” The Kardashian family has already pinned BC to be a very violent woman giving threats and harming people.

    Ongoing trials of Chyna and the Kardashian-Jenner family gradually revealed many personal secrets of both parties. That included Blac Chyna attacking Tyga with a sharp object as well as Rob Kardashian posting nude pictures of Chyna on social media platforms to defame her. In a recent development, Blac has been accused of violent behavior by a woman. Read further to know about the details.

    OMG! Blac Chyna Assaults An Innocent Woman

    Blac Chyna
    Blac Chyna

    LAPD Reveals to TMZ that a report has been filed against Blac Chyna. BC is currently suspect in an ongoing investigation regarding a battery report filed on Friday.
    The victim Sequoya King told TMZ that she and Chyna got into a verbal dispute which soon got out of the hands. The incident took place early morning on Friday at a bar in LA. King said the incident began when Chyna believed that she was being recorded by the people in the bar. Blac Chyna accused King Of using her phone in the bar to record BC which she has already denied.

    Blac Chyna broke King's phone
    Blac Chyna broke King’s phone

    After that, the two got into a very heated argument. Chyna snatched King’s phone from her hand and smashed it on the ground. Chyna charged at the king and kicked her in the stomach causing her to fall down on the ground. Blac’s friends had to interfere and they pulled BC away and got into a car and left.

    The Battery Allegation Seems To Cost Chyna A Lot

    Blac Chyna
    Blac Chyna with the Kardashians

    King filed a report against BC Claiming that she damaged her phone and kicked her in the stomach. The Allegations against Blac seemed to cost her losing her $100 million defamation suit against the Kardashians. King’s statements give confirmation about BC’s violent nature and confirm in a trial that she tried to inflict injury on Rob.

    TMZ caught up with Chyna the day after she lost her suit. Sources revealed that Chyna was in good spirits, saying that her time in court was fun. TMZ tried to reach out to Chyna’s legal team but it seems like there has been no word back.

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