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    Britney Spears Is Paying 10k A Month For Sam Asghari’s Apartment Amid Divorce

    Britney Spears and Sam Asghari are going through a very public chaotic divorce. One after another, sources have come in revealing more details of the split and fans are getting more and more concerned for Spears.

    Following the end of Britney’s 13-year conservatorship, which allegedly prohibited her from marrying Sam or having children with him, the couple got married in June of last year. After a short-lived marriage, reports of a flawed prenup, infidelity on both sides and a lot more have surfaced. The most concerning out of all of them is how Asghari is still relying on Britney for financial support.

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    How Is Britney Spears Supporting Sam Asghari Financially?

    Since their 2022 wedding, there have been concerns about Britney Spears’ prenup with Sam Asghari and her estate protection strategies after her 13-year conservatorship ended. Both of them have stated that an iron-clad prenup exists between their marriage.

    According to divorce documents, however, Sam has asked Britney for spousal support, also known as alimony, but has prevented her from receiving any from him. He has also requested that Britney cover his legal fees and expenses.

    Now latest reports tell that Britney is paying a hefty 10,000 dollars a month for Asghari’s residence while the prenuptial agreements are still being discussed. According to a TMZ Exclusive report, Britney is still in charge of making the rent payments on his Los Angeles home.

    Fans are NOT happy about this. Many fans have stated that Asghari has seemed fake and money-hungry since the very beginning. The divorce is going to leave him with more than just a dog. He is predicted to get a hefty check from Spears after the divorce.

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    Why Is Britney Spears Separating From Sam Asghari?

    The divorce apparently happened due to a lot of reasons. One of which is that Sam Asghari has accused Britney Spears of being unfaithful to him and engaging in non-platonic interactions with their staff. He allegedly saw her asking one of her staff to record her naked.

    Britney has apparently “engaged in other inappropriate sexual conduct as well.” The report further states, “Sam has claimed Britney asked at least one staffer to shoot video of her naked,” adding, “Not only that, we’re told Sam believes she hooked up with at least one of the male staff members working at her home.” Furthermore, there are reports of them getting into bad fights where security had to get involved.

    Asghari is also being accused of cheating on Britney with a former client of Royal Personal Training. Ashley Franke accused Asghari of sending her “unsolicited photos” on Instagram and acting inappropriately towards her. She said he had been unfaithful to Britney throughout their marriage and had “used” her.

    Sam has spent the last five years working at the Royal Personal Training (RPT) facility. The defendant, Ashley, has previously attended the gym. He “used” Spears, she claimed. Further, she stated, “He set his intentions on being famous when he started dating her. He was dishonest with her from the beginning and used to laugh about it with his clients at the gym.”

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