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    Did Shakira’s Ex Gerard Pique Pay For Clara Chia Marti’s Cosmetic Surgery?

    Soon after Gerard Pique and Shakira split after an 11-year relationship, the former football player started dating the 23-year-old, Clara Chia Marti. This news was followed by Shakira’s new track, ‘Out of Your League‘, which supposedly disses her ex and his new girlfriend. Both, Gerard and Shakira, have been in a pseudo-media battle. Recently, media reports that the Spanish footballer paid for cosmetic surgery for Clara.

    Shakira roasted the new couple mercilessly in the new track. “I was out of your league, that’s why you are with someone like you,” says the verses of the single, signaling Gerard and Clara. The ‘Hips Don’t Lie‘ singer further adds in the track, “You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo“. Subsequently, Gerard was seen pulling into a parking lot in a Twingo a few days after the release, and the footballer came out smiling. Now reports claim that Gerard paid for cosmetic surgery for Clara. Let’s learn what the new girlfriend changed about herself.

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    Clara Chia’s Cosmetic Surgery

    Gerard Pique

    Gerard Pique reportedly paid for Clara Chia’s new face. Pique’s recent flame had a minor retouching to her lips. Socialite journalist Jordi Martin wrote a statement addressing Shakira’s ex, “Many people support you, but I still think what I predicted 12 years ago. That this relationship was too big for you. That you had an inferiority complex with Shakira. You felt tiny next to her,” Jordi further commented, “You needed a 23-year-old girl to laugh at you. You are immature. Shakira doesn’t need anyone to pay for her cosmetic touch-ups.”

    Jordi also claimed that Gerard paid for the PR student’s surgery. “I think you paid for Clara’s lips a few days ago, didn’t you?” Later, the journalist accused Gerard of influencing his company to hire his new girlfriend. Gerard was in a relationship with Shakira for eleven years and both are parents to two children. So, is Gerard trying to turn his “Twingo” into a “Ferrari”, by paying for Clara’s surgery?

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    Shakira-Gerard Pique Battle

    Gerard Pique and Shakira

    Things have not been favorable for the Colombian singer. Besides her recent breakup, Shakira is under investigation by the Spanish government for tax evasion. However, in her single, she claims, “You thought you hurt me but you made me stronger”. The ‘Te felicitosinger recently put up a witch doll on her balcony that faces her neighbors, Gerard and his mother. After the split, Gerard moved in with his mother, Montserrat Bernabeu.

    The celebrity fight started in 2022 when Shakira released her song, ‘Te felicito‘, which is based on the infidelity of her former partner. The song received 448 million views on YouTube. On its release, the singer earned almost $2 million from Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon combined.

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