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    Doctor Strange 2: Screenwriter Waldron Says He Adhered To Raimi’s Style By Watching Original Spiderman Trilogy

    Sam Raimi is a well-known name in the Hollywood movie industry. This legendary director has defined the word “scare” in his artistic way with his blockbuster horror movies. Some of his evergreen creations include “The Evil Dead”, “Don’t Breath”, and “The Grudge”. He is also the director of the upcoming Doctor Strange 2.

    On the other hand, Michael Waldron is one of the most prominent screenwriters based in America. This 34-year-old Writer is also the beloved writer of Marvel’s Loki. Micheal is also the screenwriter of the upcoming MCU film Doctor Strange in Multiverse of Madness.

    Waldron Wanted To Mold His Script In Raimi’s Direction

    Michael Waldron along with the poster of Doctor Strenge 2
    Michael Waldron along with the poster of Doctor Strenge 2

    In a recent interview with SFX magazine, The Loki writer speaks up about his insecurities regarding the upcoming movie Doctor Strange the Multiverse madness.” This legendary writer wants to fit his character in Raimi’s direction to its fullest. He expresses his concern about writing for this movie might be a little difficult for him as he has not worked with Sam before.

    So, to understand Sam’s direction style, Waldron has repeatedly watched the original Spiderman Trilogy. According to Waldron, it gives him an idea to adhere to Sam’s style.

    the Loki writer said, “I tried to identify his strengths, the stuff where he really excels, and work out how I could write toward that, the same way you would an actor.”

    According to sources, “At this point, Waldron is essentially the custodian of the MCU’s multiverse, fleshing out concepts like variants and alternate timelines/universes in Disney+’s Loki while adhering to what was already established in Avengers: Endgame.”

    Waldron has also spoken about his heartfelt expectations from this movie. He expresses how the fans will get to see an interconnected relationship between Loki and Doctor Strange 2. The emotional stakes and the scopes filled with suspense will get the fans restless, describes Loki writer.

    How Micheal And Raimi Ended Up Together!

    Sam raimi
    Sam Raimi

    Scott Derrickson directed 2016’s Doctor Strange. He was also going to direct the sequel but left the film because of creative differences. Therefore, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige brought in his former co-worker and fellow Marvel legend, Raimi, to take over this project.

    The Multiverse of Madness is MCU’s first film with an element of horror from the beginning. No wonder Raimi will remain true to that mandate as he is really good at that field. And, with a script written by Loki creator Michael Waldron, Doctor Strange 2 is also poised to delve deeper into the MCU’s multiverse than ever before.

    Generally, screenwriters don’t write the characters with the director’s thinking in mind. But Waldron’s way of supporting his new director for the upcoming doctor strange movie will surely leave a great impact on the screening of the movie. As the two will be hand in hand to make this movie a big success, there is no doubt that fans are going to cherish this movie for a long long time.

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