Elon Musk Generously Lowers Eligibility Criteria For Content Creators Looking To Make Money From X’s Ad Revenue

Tesla and SpaceX had a great time at the music festival in Japan.
Tesla and SpaceX had a great time at the music festival in Japan.

Elon Musk is making good on his promise of making X a haven for content creators. The tech billionaire has fast-tracked the Twitter rebranding as X, leading to several innovations for the microblogging platform. His ‘Project X’ for content creators will not be available to more users.


Elon Musk has drastically reduced the criteria for ad revenue sharing with content creators. While setting down the rules, the former CEO of X reminded the users of the platform to verify their online identities. In doing so, they will reap the benefits of X’s ad revenue stream for their posts.

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Elon Musk Announces New Rules For Revenue Sharing 

The tech billionaire wants to distribute ad revenue with more content creators.

Elon Musk announced he would distribute the ad revenue with content generators having 15 million impressions. However, the limit has been lowered to bring more creators into the fold. Now users with 5 million impressions will qualify for some share of ad revenue, as announced by the tech billionaire’s post, ” Now, even more people can get paid to post! We’ve lowered the eligibility threshold for ads revenue sharing from 15M to 5M impressions within the last 3 months. We’ve also lowered the minimum payout threshold from $50 to $10.” 


In a later post, Elon Musk added an asterisk to his announcement. Payouts will be only available to verified users. What he means by that is that the minimum number of followers must be 500. The post read, ” This essentially means that X Premium (fka Twitter Blue) is free for accounts that generate above 5M views. Note, only views from verified handles count, as scammers will otherwise use bots to spam views to infinity.”

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Elon Musk And X Are Already Giving Out Payouts 

Some content creators have already received paychecks from Elon Musk and X.

X has been quick to test their new payment guidelines. As of last July, the organization has already started paying users who meet the criteria for the payout. Musk announced in June that these payments would amount to almost $5 million. However, due to relaxed standards for partaking in ad revenue money, X has experienced some delays.


More users have created X accounts, leading to the 31st July payouts facing delays. Musk shared the update in the following post, “Interest in ad rev share by content creators has far exceeded our expectations, so will take a few more days to process. Major payouts coming soon!”

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