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    Elon Musk Makes Radical Changes To X’s Poll Voting Policy To Combat Malicious Bot Interference

    No important decisions in democracy can be taken without public opinion. Elon Musk has incorporated this tenet while making decisions for recently acquired Twitter (now X). The tech billionaire often holds online polls, be it decisions relating to X’s user experience or political, economic, or social problems. 

    But recently, X’s polls were called out for foul play. It might not be malicious. But heading into the future, Musk’s platform faces the threat of scammers and bots damaging crucial public polls. The former CEO of X has admitted that something is wrong and is putting his foot down. 

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    Elon Musk To Block Poll Voting For Unverified Users

    Tesla and SpaceX CEO is tightening the rules on poll voting.

    Elon Musk has announced that only verified users on X will soon be allowed to participate in the polls. The announcement came after writer and entrepreneur Brian Krassenstein noticed suspicious bot activity in recent polls. To reduce such interruptions, the tech billionaire is blocking voting for unregistered voters to combat the “woke mind virus”.

    Brian Krassenstein posted, “You really have to make the option to only allow for blue checkmarks to participate in polls. I’ve noticed that the bot activity around the polls are pretty extreme. As for the ADL, I get that sometimes they over-label things. With that said, there has been a lot accomplished over the last 110 years from the ADL.”

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    X Under Pressure From Hacker Group

    X’s former CEO is yet to respond to the hacker group’s demand.

    More bad news for Elon Musk. According to BBC, a hacking group, Anonymous Sudan temporarily took down X in more than a dozen countries. The group made their claim known to the world, which is to pressure the former X CEO into launching the services of Starlink satellite in Sudan. Neither X nor the business tycoon has publically addressed these demands.

    Downdetector, a site tracking service outages, registered nearly 20,000 outage reports from US and UK users. The hackers conveyed their message to Elon Musk via Telegram, which read, “Application + Website + Internal System are all out of service. All of X (Twitter) is completely downed. Make our message reach to Elon Musk: Open Starlink in Sudan.”

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