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    Elon Musk Says He “Works All Day” Then Goes Home To “Play Work Simulator”

    Elon Musk has been going through a lot ever since he bought Twitter last year for $44 billion. He made several drastic changes like firing nearly half of its workforce and introducing new policies that backfired. However, the social media giant continues to struggle financially.

    Apart from Twitter, the 51-year-old billionaire also manages several other companies like Tesla Inc, Space X, The Boring Company, and Neuralink. Recently, he tweeted that he works all day to manage these companies, then goes home to “play work simulator.”

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    Elon Musk Is Suffering From Sleepless Nights

    Elon Musk updated about the number of employees at Twitter
    Elon Musk 

    Elon Musk is one of the world’s richest people as well as of the busiest. He owns and handles several companies, five to be precise. All that is obviously taking a toll on him.

    Recently, the billionaire took to Twitter to express his sleepless nights. “I work all day, then go home & play work simulator“, he tweeted. Musk owns the electric car manufacturer Tesla, spacecraft manufacturer SpaceX, Twitter, funnel construction company The Boring Company, and the neurotechnology company Neuralink.

    Last year, Musk bought Twitter after a long and messy legal battle. Since then, he has been spending most of his time doing an overhaul of the social media giant.

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    King Charles Sues Musk Over Non-Payment Of Rent

    King Charles and Elon Musk
    King Charles and Elon Musk

    The Crown Estate, which manages the properties of King Charles III, will be suing Musk because he has not paid rent for the company’s London headquarters.

    Twitter has an office on Air Street in London, which is around Piccadilly Circus. The Crown Estate, which will be taking legal action against Musk, also owns several companies and properties across the United Kingdom.

    In December, the landlord of the company’s San Francisco office at 650 California Street also sued them over non-payment of rent of $136,260. A couple of weeks prior to that, Twitter’s Singapore office was shut down and employees were asked to work remotely. This was because the company failed to pay the rent. Musk has been halting payments of rent and company vendors to cut costs.

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