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    King Charles Sues Elon Musk Over Non-Payment Of Rent

    Elon Musk is going through a tough time lately. This particularly started after he bought Twitter for $44 billion. Since then, he has been making some drastic changes in the company to cut costs and make a profit. This includes mass layoff and not paying rent for its office spaces.

    Now, the news is out that King Charles III has sued the South African billionaire for not paying rent. The issue of non-payment is over its technology headquarters. So let’s find out in detail about the entire ordeal and what has been response of Musk. Keep on reading to know more.

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    Elon Musk Has Been Sued By King Charles For Not Paying Rent

    King Charles III
    King Charles III

    Elon Musk has been having financial issues recently right after the Twitter acquisition and has done several drastic changes in the company in order to cut costs.

    Now, according to a BBC report, the British corporation called The Crown Estate which manages the properties of King Charles III is suing Musk. This is because Musk has not paid rent for the company’s London headquarters.

    The non-payment is for Twitter’s offices on Air Street in London, which is near Piccadilly Circus. The case has been brought to the London High Court. The Crown Estate also owns several companies and properties across the UK and its proceeds are managed by the UK Treasury.

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    San Francisco Office’s Landlord Has Also Sued The Company

    Elon Musk
    Elon Musk

    Last month, the landlord of the company’s office in San Francisco sued the social media giant. This was over a breach of contract after they failed to pay rent for its office space located at 650 California Street.

    A rent payment of $136,260 is due for which Twitter was given five more business days. After the deadline was over, the landlord decided to file a lawsuit in court.

    A few weeks ago, employees of Twitter’s Singapore office were asked to work from home as Musk has not paid any rent. The workers were informed via email to clear their desks and work remotely until further notice. Singapore is Twitter’s Asia-Pacific headquarter.

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