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    Why Were The Employees Of Elon Musk-Owned Twitter Forced Out Of Its Singapore Office?

    Ever since Elon Musk took over Twitter in late 2022, the company has been embroiled in controversies. The South African billionaire made several sweeping changes in the company that has caused advertisers to distance themselves from the platform. But, problems don’t seem to end.

    The employees of Twitter’s office in Singapore were forced out of the building by the landlords. This news comes amid reports that Musk hasn’t paid rent for its San Francisco office. So let’s find out exactly what happened and what might be the reason for it.

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    Employees Of Elon Musk-Owned Twitter Forced Out Of Its Singapore Office

    Elon Musk is accused of discrimination against female Twitter employees
    Elon Musk

    Musk has made several changes in the social media giant ever since the acquisition, in order to cut costs. This includes ending free meals and travel allowances for his employees.

    The SpaceX founder also denied paying rent for its office spaces. Employees of the Singapore office were forced out of the building as Musk has not paid any rent. They have been told to clear their desk and work from home until further notice.

    The staff was informed through an email that they have until 5 p.m. to leave the CapitaGreen building and continue their work remotely. Singapore is the company’s Asia-Pacific headquarter.

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    San Francisco Office Landlord Sues The Company

    Former Ghana Twitter employees is accusing the company
    Twitter office

    A commercial landlord sued the company in December 2022 for a breach of contract after they failed to pay rent for one of its offices in San Francisco. The lawsuit is about Twitter’s office space at 650 California Street and not its main headquarters which is located on Market Street.

    According to the lawsuit, the social media giant did not give a rent payment of $136,260 for its office space. They were given five more business days which they failed, this led to a lawsuit from the landlord.

    In order to cut costs, Musk has stopped paying company vendors, ended several employee benefits and reportedly didn’t pay severance to its fired staff.

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