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    Why Was Elon Musk-Owned Twitter Sued By The Landlord?

    Elon Musk bought Twitter for $44 billion last year after a long and messy legal battle. The rest has been nothing short of a dramatic movie filled with chaos. Musk made several sweeping changes in the company like firing nearly half of the workforce and introducing new policies.

    Now the social media giant is once again in the news for no good reason. Reports suggest that a commercial landlord has decided to sue the company for failing to pay the rent for their San Francisco office. Let’s find out in detail about this entire issue.

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    Elon Musk-Owned Twitter Sued By The Landlord

    Former Ghana Twitter employees is accusing the company
    Twitter office

    Ever since Musk did the acquisition of Twitter, the company has been involved in some controversy or other. Even in 2023, things are not looking good for the social media giant.

    According to a CNN report, a commercial landlord has sued the company for a breach of contract after they failed to pay rent for one of its offices in the San Francisco region.

    The lawsuit’s focus is on the office space at 650 California Street and not it’s main headquarters in Market Street. Last month it was reported that Musk had ordered not to pay rent for Twitter’s office space worldwide and not to pay company vendors in an effort to cut costs.

    According to the complaint, the social media giant missed a rent payment of $136,260 for its office space. They were given five more business days for the payment which they failed.

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    Musk Is Planning To Buy Substack

    Elon Musk fires more employees at Twitter
    Elon Musk

    Despite his troubled experience with Twitter, the South African billionaire doesn’t seem to slow down. He has shown interest in buying Substack. It’s a company that allows writers and podcasters to publish their work and get paid for it.

    Leighton Woodhouse, a freelance reporter, and documentary filmmaker asked Musk if buying the company and connecting it to Twitter would be a good decision.

    Musk responded: “I’m open to the idea“. He had asked the billionaire this question regarding Twitter Files and how the media covered this story.

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