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    Elon Musk Vs AOC: Left Leaning Director David Weissman’s ‘Phony’ Poll To Discredit Musk Backfires

    Loyalty for Twitter’s soon-to-be CEO Elon Musk is exponentially rising. People are trusting billionaires more than politicians. This notion became apparent when the business magnate conducted a poll where he asked people who are less trustworthy: Politicians or billionaires? More than 75% of folks on Twitter find billionaires like Elon more trustworthy.

    In the same thread, he dared the Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez(AOC) to conduct the same poll after she expressed her wish to switch from Tesla to another EV. Though she did not conduct a poll, another fellow GOP supporter turned Left-Wing David Weissman took it upon himself to conduct the poll. However, it did not turn out in his favor! 

    David Weissman ‘Who Do You Trust More?’ Between Elon Musk And AOC Poll Failed

    On Thursday, Elon Musk ran a poll on Twitter for his followers to decide whether they trust the politicians or billionaires less. Just in a few hours, Twitteratis barraged their responses. Elon challenged AOC to run a similar poll for her followers. The poll came after AOC wanted to switch to unionized workers making Electric Vehicles. The Congresswoman did not heed the challenge. Rather, fellow Left-winger David Weissman conducted a poll on Twitter to prove “how phony the right’s ridiculous polls are by doing one of our own. Who do you trust more @elonmusk @AOC?”

    The poll did not go how he envisioned it to be. Weissman’s poll resulted in declaring Elon Musk(81.2%) more trustworthy than AOC(18.8%). Weissman tweeted after the poll turned against AOC, “Not sure how this poll flipped but I won’t delete it and will take the L.”  Musk replied to the tweet, “At first, I thought this was a parody.” Elon Musk and AOC have been involved in a verbal conflict on the microblogging app in the past. Recently, Tesla’s CEO has turned into a staunch critic of the Democrats’ policies. He lambasted President Joe Biden’s tackling of inflation, and most importantly his ‘Billionaire Minimum Income Tax.’ 

    Elon has criticized AOC’s Met Gala outfit which she wore for the Ball’s 2021 edition. She was wearing a Brother Vellies designed white gown which had “Tax The Rich” printed on it. The gown created quite a stir. However, the SpaceX owner interpreted the outfit quite differently. Sharing the picture, he tweeted “Can read only one side. Looks like “ax the itch”. In another verbal exchange, Musk asked her not to hit on him after she took a jib at the billionaires for monopolizing the social media space and called them “egoistic.”

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    Nishant Bhise
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