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    Elon Musk’s Firing Of Security Officers To Expose X To More Hateful Content, Warns Australian Online Safety Watchdog

    Nobody said running Twitter would be easy. Said to be the one final democratic frontier, Elon Musk bought social media to maintain its integrity. But ever since assuming ownership, Twitter (rebranded as X) has had a constant wave of rise and fall (mostly fall). And this time, the public has been aware of another troubling statistic.

    An online watchdog society recently revealed the workforce that has abandoned the sinking ship that is X. The commitment to making X an “everything app” is still in full force. But there’s been a tremendous rise in hateful content since the American businessman and investor started running the microblogging platform.

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    X Witnesses Rise In Hateful Content Under Elon Musk

    The SpaceX and Tesla founder didn't keep the safety team employees around
    The SpaceX and Tesla founder didn’t keep the safety team employees around

    There’s a concerning rise in “hateful and toxic” content on X. Elon Musk employed a “safety” team to combat the threat of malicious content. However, it has proven far from helpful, as its employees have been let go.

    The Australian eSafety Commission has recently released some figures about X being unable to deal with the spread of dangerous information on their platform. According to the commission’s statistics, 1,213 specialist “trust and safety staff,” including contractors, are no longer employees of X. About 80% of the staff is comprised of software engineers.

    Last year, Elon Musk’s X was fined AUS $610,500 (US $388,000) after failing to show how what it had done to come down hard on child p********y. But the 52-year-old businessman found a loophole to escape paying the penalties.

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    SpaceX Founder And CEO’s Growing List Of Lawsuits

    The 52-year-old businessman has hit another wall
    The 52-year-old businessman has hit another wall

    Elon Musk continues to have a hard time explaining his actions. Since the acquisition of Twitter, which he now calls X, the billionaire has been assailed with lawsuits. Recently, SpaceX founder and CEO was sued by former employees for wrongful termination.

    Elon Musk has been accused of breeding hateful content in the past. The Tesla and SpaceX CEO also faced the EU’s wrath after expressing his support for the pro-Nazi ‘Great Replacement Theory.’ To make matters worse, The Wall Street Journal recently came out with a detailed list of tech billionaire’s alleged drug use.

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