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    “Entirely His Decision”: Why Tom Cruise “Chose Not To” See His Daughter After She Turned 7

    Tom Cruise may have been a great father to his children Isabella Cruise and Connor Cruise but it’s not the same with Suri, the daughter he shares with Katie Holmes. The actor reportedly has an estranged relationship with his 18-year-old daughter.

    He was last seen with her when she was just 7 years old in 2013 and the two have never been spotted together since, leaving fans wondering what happened between them. Here’s what Tom has to say about this situation

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    Tom Cruise’s Estranged Relationship With His Daughter Suri

    Cruise and Suri

    Tom Cruise hasn’t seen his daughter Suri since she was 7 years old. Now 18, she seemingly has a dented relationship with her father. While the actor or her daughter have never spoken about it in public, fans have a lot of questions, especially because Tom has maintained a healthy relationship with his other two children.

    A source close to the actor has now revealed that there’s no specific reason why he didn’t see her. “The simple fact why Tom hasn’t seen Suri in all these years is because he has chosen not to. That’s it,” claimed the source.

    The ‘Top Gun’ actor has a positive relationship with his other adopted children including, Isabella Cruise, aged 31, and Connor Cruise who is 29 from his ex-wife Nicole Kidman.

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    Suri Has Legally Changed Her Last Name From Cruise To Noelle

    Tom Cruise with his daughter

    It seems like Tom Cruise’s daughter Suri also isn’t very keen on maintaining ties with her father. She recently got her last name changed from Cruise to Noelle, which is her mother’s middle name. “She is showing praise for her mother by using her middle name,” the source claimed.

    The insider further suggested that Suri is avoiding paparazzi and media. She was eager to have her “own identity” to “start fresh at college”. “Fathers who are incarcerated can see their children. Tom didn’t see Suri grow up because he chose not to. It was entirely his decision,” he reiterated.

    While Suri doesn’t have a father figure in her life, her mother Katie Holmes has always been supportive of her daughter. She was recently seen at the graduation ceremony of her daughter and was cheering for her in the audience.

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