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    Glen Powell’s Cannibal Story On The Therapuss Podcast Turns Out To Be Fake, Actor Issues Clarification

    Glen Powell recently left the whole internet in shock with his family friend’s encounter with a cannibal. According to him, she went on a date with a guy, who later gave her back massages, only to realize he was planning to consume her. Now, he has added more to it.

    Powell further revealed that the story is an urban myth. The story made all the fans question everything, only for to him reveal later that it was a false alarm.

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    Glen Powell Claims The Cannibal Story To Be Fake

    Glen Powell
    Powell claims the story to be fake

    During Jake Shane’s podcast Therapuss, Glen Powell talked about a horrifying incident that his sister’s friend had. She went on a date with a guy, who later gave him back massages with a cream, “black market lotion” as mentioned by Glen.

    But the girl got weirded out by the guy’s actions and she escaped the situation, after repeated protests by the guy to stay. The internet was shocked by this story and was struck knowing that these kinds of people exist in society.

    All the comments and concerns reached Glen, but he rather had a very calm approach to the whole incident. He shared this information on his X (Twitter). The post said, “questioning [his] whole life now” upon claiming the story to be fake.

    He continued, “Props to my little sister’s friend who told her this dating story…I’ve been telling this for years. I’m questioning my whole life now… False alarm.”

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    “Back Rubs Are Back”: Glen Joked About Incident

    Glen Powell
    Glen Powell

    Moreover, Glen’s fake story also included that, the girl’s skin started to itch and when she went to the doctor, he unveiled that the lotion the guy was putting on her was a body-decomposing lotion, which makes the skin edible for consumption.

    Glen after joking with the whole internet declared that: “Back rubs are back.” And his response amused the internet yet again.

    People also researched about that story and claimed it to be an urban legend, that has been on the internet since 2001, having been shared in various forms via email. Well, even if the story isn’t true, it served the purpose of awareness to all the people going on blind dates. But Glen can’t guarantee the nightmares you’ll be having before going on a date.

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