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    “These Guys Can Take A Punch And Sell A Joke”: Glen Powell Talks About Chris Hemsworth And Chris Pratt’s Role In Changing Hollywood

    The best thing you can see in Hollywood is actors supporting each other and praising each other. The ‘Anyone But You’ star talked about Marvel stars Chris Hemsworth And Chris Pratt. Hemsworth who plays Thor and Pratt who plays Starlord are two very important characters in the MCU. Glen Powell revealed that watching these two men greatly shaped him and how he acted. 

    Right now, Powell is riding high on success with films like Anyone But You’, ‘Everybody Wants Some!!’ and ‘Top Gun: Maverick’. He credits his success to the two Chrises of the MCU.

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    Glen Powell Was Inspired By Chris Hemsworth And Chris Pratt 

    Chris Pratt and Chris Hemsworth
    Chris Pratt and Chris Hemsworth

    The brooding and tough impression of a superhero as put forward by Batman or Superman was definitely broken by Chris Pratt and Chris Hemsworth. And for Glen Powell, this transition is what helped him navigate his way through Hollywood. In an interview with GQ, Powell revealed that watching Chris Pratt’s Peter Quill on screen in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ was a major turning point for him. 

    The same goes for Chris Hemsworth. Thor has suffered numerous losses throughout the movies but still the element of fun and laughter still remains in his character. And that is what inspired Powell. 

    These guys can take a punch and sell a joke. I feel like that’s when I started catching friction on the sidewalk,” Powell said in his interview with GQ while talking about Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pratt. Understanding the shift in the behavioral composition of the leading man greatly affected Powell’s interpretation of the industry. 

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    Glen Powell Stars In Richard Linklater’s Latest ‘Hit Man’

    Glen Powell in 'Hit Man'
    Glen Powell in ‘Hit Man’

    Powell is excited about his unique take on the romantic thriller genre, ‘Hit Man’ which is also co-written by him. He stars as a mild-mannered college professor who doubles as a part-time operative for the local police department in the Netflix movie. Directed by Richard Linklater, fans are excited about the upcoming watch. 

    The series is based on professional killer Gary Johnson who breaks protocol to help a desperate woman trying to flee an abusive husband and finds himself falling for her. Hitman is set to release on Netflix on 7 June. 

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