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    Harry Styles Fan-Fiction Movie To Star Anne Hathaway: What Is The Story About?

    The ‘Les Misérables’ actress Anne Hathaway, who won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress is trending on the internet today with the revelation of her upcoming movie. Deadline reported that Michael Showalter will direct the movie. He is known for being the filmmaker behind many successful movies like ‘The Big Sick’ and ‘The Eyes of Tammy Eye’. The film will stream on Amazon Prime Video. But the biggest factor is that it’s a fan fiction on Harry Styles titled ‘The Idea Of You’.

    The ‘Devil wears Prada’ famed actress Hathaway will star in the movie adaptation of Harry Styles-inspired fan fiction. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about the project.

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    Harry Styles Fan-Fiction ‘The Idea Of You’: What Is It About?

    Anne Hathaway and Harry Styles

    The upcoming film of Hathaway is based on the book written by Robinne Lee. The actress has agreed to play the role of Sophie in the movie adaptation of the fan-fiction, ‘The Idea Of You’. The book focuses on an affair between a 20-year-old hot young man in a boy band and a 40-year-old divorced mother. To her he is only a face in the poster that is hung on every teenager’s wall until she sees him. The attraction is instant and sensational.

    Anne Hathaway will star as a 40-year-old mother, Sophie whose husband Dan left her for a younger woman and also canceled his Coachella trip with their 15-year-old daughter Isabelle. She and Sophie then stumble upon Hayes Campbell and the attraction between Sophie and Hayes is immediate. The rest of the story focuses on how the two navigate their relationship through concerts, world tours and amidst the gushing fans.

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    Why Is The Book Believed To Be Heavily Inspired By Styles?

    Harry Styles and Anne Hathaway

    After the estrangement of her husband, Sophie braves herself into the crowds. She meets Hayes, a 24-year-old musician. He is the lead singer of the hottest boy band on the planet, August Moon. Harry Styles tends to love people older than him and this novel depicts just that characterization. Styles also was in the band called One Direction. When the band was active, it was also glorified as the biggest boy band in the world.

    Lee gushed at critics and fans for keeping a celebrity on the pedestal while looking at the book. She added that the book was never about Styles. In an interview with Vogue, she said, “It was supposed to be a story about a woman approaching 40 and reclaiming her sexuality and rediscovering herself, just at the point that society traditionally writes women off as desirable and viable and whole.” What does Styles think the book is about? Let us stay tuned for the movie’s release to uncover the perspectives.

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