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    “Have To Feel It In My Pubic Hair”: Janelle Monáe Reveals Weird Way Of Choosing Her Movies

    While making a decision, we either go on our gut feeling or bone feeling, but what is ‘tingling in pubic or underarm hair’? Celebrities have different ways of choosing a movie, either it’s their favorite director or a relatable storyline. But Janelle Monáe revealed her way of selecting movies.

    Janelle Monáe during an interview said that she goes on her Pubic hair intuitions to select the movie or drop it. Well, that’s a weird to choose but it’s her way and it works for her.

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    Janelle Monáe Has Unconventional Ways Of Choosing Projects

    Janelle Monáe
    Janelle Monáe

    Janelle Monáe was answering questions submitted by fans on The Guardian and she revealed a weird way to select her movies. The question was, “What attracts you to a particular role and to a particular movie?” To which the actress replied, “The story is the big one.”

    Monáe added, “Also the set: I love places that have snacks like Skittles and M&Ms on set!” Now comes the fun answer. She continued, “But, really, I love to get to know the characters and feel with anything I’m doing. I really have to feel it in my pubic hairs”

    She continued, “They have to vibrate! [laughs] Though I don’t want anyone to go back to my old films and think: ‘Janelle Monáe picked this because her pubic hairs tingled.’

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    “My Underarms Have Definitely Tingled”: Monáe On Acting Jobs

    Janelle Monáe
    Janelle Monáe

    Monáe also shared another way as well. While reading the script of the 2022 Knives Out sequel, she said, “My underarm hairs definitely tingled when I got the Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery script”. And indeed her intuition or we may say ‘tingling’ was right. She thoroughly enjoyed working with director Rian Johnson.

    The actress further added, “The whole cast were amazing; I loved having the opportunity to be in a film with Daniel Craig, I’m so excited for Knives Out 3 – I want to be a part of it so badly that I might get plastic surgery and audition as a brand new character.”

    Well, when in doubt about your gut feeling, just feel the tingling within you and you’re good to go.

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