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    “He Must Be Stopped”: Daryl Hall Speaks Out in Legal Feud with John Oates

    After the ‘Hall & Oates‘ fame Daryl Hall sued his bandmate John Oates, the former has now revealed that Oates’ actions had caused “tremendous upheaval, harm, and difficulty” in his life. Hall also claimed he was blindsided by plans to sell Oates’ share of their business to a third party.

    I believe that John Oates timed the Unauthorized Transaction to create the most harm to me. Respectfully, he must be stopped from this latest wrongdoing, and his malicious conduct reined in once and for all,” 77-year-old Hall said.

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    Daryl Hall Claims John Oates Breached The Band’s Contract

    Hall sued Oates earlier this month on November 7. (Image: NBC)

    The legal brawl broke out after Hall found out that Oates was planning to sell his share in their joint business venture without Hall’s consent. Hall, who is on a tour across the US West Coast, Japan, and Manila, said Oates’ action amounts to a violation of their business agreement.

    In court documents citing the case as associated with Whole Oats Enterprises LLP (WOE), Hall said Oates’ actions are “completely clandestine” and “in bad faith,” and have left him feeling “ambushed“.

    Hall initiated proceedings against his bandmate on November 9. He intended to block Oates from transferring his share of interests to a third party. He began it citing the transaction as “unauthorized and void” and a breach of contract.

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    Details Of ‘Hall & Oates’ Case

    The band has been nominated for Grammy several times. (Image: People)

    The New York court hearing the matter gave Hall a restraining order to maintain the status quo, about a week after the hearing began, on November 19.

    The lawyers from both parties have not commented on the matter yet, as the case is set to be taken up under a confidential arbitration process. The fate of WOE now depends on the outcome of the case, as the Grammy-nominated musicians‘ business hangs in the air.

    The next hearing of the case is scheduled for November 30 where the court will consider extending the restraining order.

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