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    ‘Hot Dog In Popcorn’: Heidi Klum Might Need Therapy For The Worst Date Of Her Life

    Heidi Klum is one of the world’s top fashion models, and the first German native to become a Victoria’s Secret Angel. With the release of the first episode of Amazon Prime original Making The Cut Season 3, creators Tim Gunn and Heidi are busy with promotions. She recently appeared in an interview on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live‘ and revealed shocking details of her worst date ever. It totally stumped the audience.

    Moreover, Heidi told guest host Nicole Byer about her three-year anniversary, getting a colonoscopy on vacation, posting naked photos, and her speed-dating history.

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    Heidi Klum Spills Details Of Her ‘Worst Date Ever

    Jimmy Kimel Live

    During the interview on ‘Jimmy Kimel Live‘, when Nicole Byer asked Heidi Klum about her speed-dating experience, she opened up about a weird date experience she had. She revealed she had gone to the movie theatre with her date and as she was reaching over to eat the popcorn out of the basket he was holding which Klum thought was “really strange”, she felt a hot dog in the popcorn.

    I am reaching over and I am eating the popcorn and then all of a sudden there is a hot dog in the popcorn…but it was attached,” said Heidi. Although it never happened again, she admitted that the incident was “very memorable”. The model also agreed with Nicole when she asked if it was the worst date she has ever been on. “I mean, it was strange yeah,” remarked Heidi. Nicole said she might need therapy for it.

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    Klum’s Secret To A Happy Marriage

    Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz

    The German-American model has been happily married to her husband, Tokio Hotel guitarist Tom Kaulitz, since 2019. Heidi revealed that she met her husband at a party of his twin brother. “His twin brother did a stage dive, and all my models had to pretend to be rock stars and then do the stage dive into the crowd. So, I had met him many, many years ago, but I didn’t know he had a twin brother that I was going to be married to one day,” she said.

    Heidi didn’t want to go to the party but guess we all know how glad she is that she did. “I didn’t feel like I wanted to go either but that’s always where it happens,” said Klum.

    When Nicole asked her how to keep a man for three years, she replied,” You have to exercise a lot.” She also added that it’s working very well for the couple. That’s her little marriage secret.

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