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    Is James Cameron Working On A Film Based On The Titan Sub Tragedy?

    After the Titan submersible incident left the world in shock, many believed a movie would happen very soon. Afterall the story has all the elements for a Hollywood superhit. So will we get to see a movie on the Titan submersible?

    The answer is still unknown. However, rumors are that James Cameron might be working on one. But are they legitimate rumors? James Cameron has spoken out about them as well. So today let’s take a look at the details right here. 

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    Is James Cameron Making A New Movie?

    James Cameron
    James Cameron

    The Sun reported that James Cameron is planning to create a drama series on the events of the Titan submersible. The report is based on an insider’s words who confirmed that Cameron “is first choice for director”

    He told the story of the Titanic so compassionately it feels like a natural step for him to take this on. Retracing the steps of those on board the Titan is a massive undertaking but there would be a lot of time, money and resources dedicated to it,” the insider told The Sun.

    James Cameron is a known ocean enthusiast. And him being the first choice for a project on the Titan submersible seems logical enough. Given the link that this submersible had with the Titanic as well, it would be best if Cameron bought the project to life. Although there is no fixed news about this from any other sources. Talks about a movie on the recent tragedy of the Titan submersible are unheard of. 

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    James Cameron Opened Up About The Rumors

    The ‘Titanic’ director finally spoke up about the alleged rumors of him working on a drama series based on the events of the Titan submersible. He responded with a tweet on his social media talking about the rumors. 

    His tweet read, “I don’t respond to offensive rumors in the media usually, but I need to now. I’m NOT in talks about an OceanGate film, nor will I ever be.” Thus making it pretty clear that he has no intentions of working on a project about the Titan submersible’s events. Check out his tweet right here. 

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