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    How Many People Were On Board The Titanic Tourist Submarine That Went Missing?

    The wreckage of Titanic is something that no one would like to miss so easily. All thanks to a company named OceanGate that made the dream possible with the building of a submersible called Titan.

    Meanwhile, Titan has been missing since June 18, 2023, after it went below the water with five people. The rescue missions are currently ongoing but the whereabouts of the vessel remain unknown.

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    What Happened To The Titanic Tourist Submarine?

    The Titanic Tourist Submarine carried five passengers inside

    The journey for the Titanic tourist submarine started on June 17, 2023, and one of the passengers, Hamish Harding, revealed through Facebook that the submarine will be launched the next day. The passengers entered the submersible on June 18 and they are sealed with 17 bolts.

    The vessel then departed the Polar Prince mothership and started its journey towards the wreckage of Titanic. However, there was no contact with the submersible 1 hour and 45 minutes after it went below the water.

    OceanGate then activated an alarm revealing that the vessel was missing. The vessel was designed to reach the surface in case there was a power failure. Meanwhile, two aircraft including C-130 and P8-Poseidon have been already sent to search for the submersible.

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    Everything You Need To Know About The Titanic Tourist Submarine

    The Titanic Tourist Submarine has the best qualities in terms of height and weight

    OceanGate designed the Titan which took five passengers below the water to explore the Titanic wreckage. It has an oxygen supply for 96 hours and it is made of carbon fiber and titanium.

    It also has a hull health monitoring system that can analyze the vessel pressure and the integrity of the structure. The vessel charged $250,000 for each passenger and it can carry five people to 4,000 metres below the sea. The vessel was created with the blending of proprietary technologies and off-the-shelf components.

    The length of the vessel is 6.7 metres and its width is 2.8 metres. The electric thrusters can help to propel the vessel to a speed of around 3 knots.

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