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    “It’s Time For Me To Grow Up”: Harrison Ford On Bidding Farewell To ‘Indiana Jones’ And His Desire To Keep Working Despite Pushing 81

    ‘Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny’ is Harrison Ford‘s final hurrah as the beloved fictional archaeologist. But the sun hasn’t set on his acting career. Turning 81 next month, he is more determined than ever to work as long as he feels useful. Despite being in the business for decades, he still swears by the people he works with. 

    Even without ‘Indiana Jones,’ Ford remains plenty busy. He’s one of the many actors who’s finally made the leap to the OTT space with the ‘Yellowstone’ spin-off ‘1923’ and Apple TV’s ‘Shrinking.’ He’ll also be seen in ‘Captain America: New World Order’ as President Thaddeus ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross. 

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    Harrison Ford On Not Wanting To Quit Acting

    Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Harrison Ford in 'Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny'
    Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Harrison Ford in ‘Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny’

    During his appearance on ‘Who’s Talking To Chris Wallace?’ ‘Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny’ star Harrison Ford made his plans about continuing to work clear. Despite pushing 81, he remains committed to acting, still in love with the idea of collaboration.

    Harrison Ford told the host that his decision to make another ‘Indiana Jones’ movie was the come to terms with his aging. But will he miss playing the character? No, says Harrison Ford, as it is time for him to “grow up.”

    Harrison Ford told Chris Wallace about how he came around to revisiting Indiana Jones, “I wanted it to be character driven. And I wanted us to confront the question of age straight on. Not to hide my age, but to take advantage of it in the telling of the story.”

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    Harrison Ford To Appear In Phase Five Of Marvel

    Is Harrison Ford going to transform into Red Hulk for 'Captain America?'
    Is Harrison Ford going to transform into Red Hulk for ‘Captain America 4?’

    Harrison Ford is starring in ‘Captain America: Brave New World’ as President Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross. He is replacing the late William Hurt in the role. Kevin Feige has confirmed we’ll see a shifting power dynamic between President and Captain America. Since the events of ‘Captain American: Civil War,’ there’s been a mutual mistrust between the two. recently asked Ford if the audience will get to see President Ross transform into the Red Hulk. But the ‘Blade Runner’ and ‘Indiana Jones’ actor maintained his innocence by asking, “What Is The Red Hulk?” ‘Captain America: Brave New World’ has a US theatrical release date of July 26, 2024, as part of Marvel’s Phase Five.

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