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    Jonathan Majors’ Ex-Girlfriend Details Abuse In Court, Says She Was Scared Of His “Violent Temper”

    Actor Jonathan Majors‘ ex-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari testified against him on December 5, in the ongoing case of domestic violence against him. Gabbari said she faced abuse from Jonathan throughout their two-year relationship.

    Jabbari spoke in the court for about two hours, as she described Majors as having a “violent temper” that she claimed left her feeling isolated and fearful. She said she felt like “walking on eggshells” around Majors.

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    Grace Jabbari Says Jonathan Majors Would Call Her Names Under Temper

    Grace Jabbari said she always felt like she is walking on eggshells around him. (Image: New York Times)

    She also said that Majors often berated her and called her names like “idiot” and “alcoholic“. She described him as a generally violent person who would often indulge in violent behavior breaking candles or a mug when around her.

    I felt like I had to be perfect,” she said. “If I did one little thing or said the wrong thing, the temper would show. I wanted to avoid it,” she added and began to cry, as she covered her face and apologized to the jury for her breakdown.

    Jabbari is the second witness in the trial against Majors who is facing four charges — two for misdemeanor assault and two for harassment for an alleged incident involving Jabbari.

    Jabbari and Majors had first met on the set of ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania‘ in 2021. Their friendship soon grew into a romantic bond and they started dating within months of knowing each other.

    Jabbari said Majors was a “loving and caring” partner at the beginning of their relationship. But the relationship soon took a turn in December of the same year. Jabbari narrated a specific incident when Majors got upset when she mentioned an ex-boyfriend. She claimed he stood at her and yelled at her. That was the first time she felt extremely scared of him, she said.

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    Majors Once Referred To Himself As A “Monster” After A Fight

    Jonathan Majors was once told his ex-girlfriend after a fight that he was a “monster”. (Image: New York Times)

    She mentioned another incident wherein the actor had gotten upset at her while she was on a trip to the Glastonbury music festival. The trip followed a heated argument between the two at Majors’s Los Angeles home where he threw candles, and shouted.

    Jabbari said he eventually apologized, and referred to himself as “a monster”. She said she promised him that she “wouldn’t go places like that with my friends and that he was my priority,” just so he gets in a better mood.

    She also presented a photograph in the court showing a dent in the wall and glass on the floor. “I just wanted to remember…I kept forgiving him, but I wanted to have a bit of a memory of it,” she told the court.

    Further detailing other incidents of physical abuse in September 2022 in London, Jabbari said Majors called her names, tore her headphones, and threatened her.

    The prosecution also presented a recording at the court that had Majors berating Jabbari, calling himself “a great man” who needs sacrifices. He could also be heard comparing their relationship to those of historical figures, urging her to treat him like “the first lady treats the President”.

    The trial against the actor is underway, with the court scheduled to take on the next hearing on Tuesday afternoon.

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