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    “Learn To Live Alongside Cringe”: Swifties Clap Back At NFL Fans Hating Taylor Swift At Chiefs’ Recent Win

    Bad news for the fans wanting to boycott Taylor Swift from the NFL over a little surf at the Chiefs game. This is not 2016 and the “Taylor Swift is so Cringe” train is out of service.

    The ‘Karma‘ singer cheered on her boyfriend Travis Kelce as he scored the win at the recent game that took place last Saturday. Swift was seen having the time of her life with her boyfriend’s mom, Donna Kelce. The viral clip of Taylor and some of Cheifs fans celebrating the win did not pass the ‘cool’ test of some ‘Dads, Brads and Chads’.

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    Taylor Swift And The Fans Celebrating Chiefs Win

    Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce at Arrowhead Stadium on Saturday (Image: Getty)
    Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce at Arrowhead Stadium on Saturday (Image: Getty)

    Seated beside her boyfriend’s mother, Donna Kelce, in the freezing temperature of Arrowhead Stadium, Taylor Swift celebrated the Chiefs’ dominating 26-7 lead in the fourth quarter during the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Miami Dolphins match.

    Rocking the custom Chiefs jackets by Kristin Juszczyk, Taylor, Donna Kelce, and Brittany Mahomes did a little Swag Surfing with fellow Chiefs supporters. Wearing a personalized Chiefs jacket with Kelce’s name and number, Swift cheered on the team.

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    Taylor Swift’s Fans Come To Her Defense

    Taylor Swift at Chiefs game
    Taylor at the Chiefs game

    Leaning out of the window to wave to fans and celebrating every score as the Chiefs secured the victory was a glorious sight for Swift’s fans, but that’s not how everyone saw it. The joy and sheer excitement came across as “cringe” to some X/Twitter users. 

    Noting the absurdity of the claim, supporters of the singer and people with sound reasoning shared their thoughts.

    Girls just wanna have fun‘ was the message and Swifties emphasized that they should not be boycotted for that. Another user tried to explain the concept saying that fans were doing that for the Chiefs and not because Taylor pointed a gun at them.
    One Swiftie replied by quoting Taylor Swift from her NYU graduation speech.
    Well, the Internet has two types of people talking about this, one hates Swift and the other understands what football games look like.

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