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    Meet Ukraine’s First Lady Olena Zelenska As Social Media Reacts To Her Emotional Instagram Post

    Ukraine is facing a great amount of heat right now as conflict with Russia has entered into the sixth day. Even after all the air bombarding and intrusion by Russia, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is setting an illustration of a good leader. He chose to remain with the residents and not leave his country.

    The president is not alone in this as his significant other and Ukraine’s first woman Olena Zelenska have chosen to remain by her better half’s side. The duo met during their college days and got married in 2003. And the couple has two young kids together, their daughter Aleksandra Zelenskaya and a son named Kiril Zelenskiy. Very much like his husband, Olena Zelenska is continuously communicating with the world.

    Meet Olena Zelenska

    Olena Zelenska
    Olena Zelenska

    Olena Zelenska is the first woman of Ukraine. She is from Kryvyi Rih and she was born in 1978. As for her educational background, she earlier started studying architecture, but later on, decided to change as she wasn’t passionate about it. And then she chose writing as a profession. She has composed shows and motion pictures that were delivered in the country. Olena Zelenska is also a board member of Studio Kvartal 95. She has talked about gender equality, orientation wellbeing, and social discretion and assumes a significant part in the advancement of Dietary techniques.

    Post Shared By Ukraine’s First Lady

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    A post shared by Olena Zelenska (@olenazelenska_official)

    In the current time, gaining strength and keeping their morale high is really necessary for Ukraine. And the first lady of Ukraine is trying her best to raise and maintain the morale of the people there. She did the same by sharing a post on social media with a message. She stated, “My Dear People! Ukrainians! I am looking at you all today…And you know what? I am proud to live with you in the same country.

    Later, she also shared a post on Instagram. The post was of a newborn baby and in that post, she wrote, “This child was born in the Kyiv bomb shelter. This was to take place in completely different conditions, under peaceful skies. It is what children should see…And children born in bomb shelters will live in a peaceful country that has defended itself.

    Social Media Reacts To The Post

    Most countries are concerned about the safety of their stranded citizens in Ukraine because the conflict does not seem to come to an end. Netizens are trying to make full use of social media to express their thoughts on the matter. They appreciate the bravery of the President and the First Lady of Ukraine. Here are some tweets:

    Ukraine has a tough time ahead as things are not looking good right now. US and NATO are most likely not to take part in this ordeal leaving Ukraine at the mercy of Russia. However, there is a ray of hope as Russia wants to take this matter to the table and solve it there. The most probable solution to this will be Ukraine forfeiting its plan to join NATO and the EU because Russia thinks this will harm its sovereignty.

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