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    Moon Knight Costume Designer Spills The Beans On Possible Third Suit

    Meghan Kasperlik, the costume designer for Moon Knight, divulged information on whether or not Marc Spector has his own vigilante suit behind the scenes.

    Kasperlik said that there was no other suit for Jake during an interview with The Direct. “No, there wasn’t another [suit] for Jake,” Kasperlik said. Nobody knew about that one little twist until the very end, since Jake’s last appearance was kept a secret from everyone. When he did finally show up, everyone was overjoyed to see him.”

    The identity of Jake Lockley as another one of Marc Spector’s aliases is not exposed until the latter part of the Moon Knight series on Disney+.

    When either Steven or Marc falls into a coma, the vicious, Spanish-speaking limo driver takes control of the situation and unleashes a wave of violence that neither Steven nor Marc remembers happening. Lockley’s signature Moon Knight gear, which he never really wears, can only be seen when he is dressed in his everyday clothes.

    Kasperlik Admits Making The Three-Piece suit was challenging

    Moon Knight
    Moon Knight

    According to Kasperlik. the most challenging aspect of developing the ensembles was working with a predominately white color palette, in particular for Mr. Knight’s three-piece suit.

    “My team searched far and wide for a fabric that could give—that had a little solidity to it,” he explained. In order to avoid giving the impression that the smart suit is lacking in depth, the designer cited “[every] texture” as one of the reasons why the color scheme was successful.

    The color scheme was successful in part due to “a silver Lemay.” which shimmers and brings a feeling of brilliance to the outfit.

    Moon Knight Season 2 Speculation

    Moon Knight Season 2
    Moon Knight Season 2

    There aren’t any plans to produce a second season of Moon Knight at this time. Despite the fact that Diab has expressed a wish to continue Lockley’s story, nothing is finalised. “I need to get a glimpse inside his mind in order to do it,” he said.

    The focus of everyone’s attention is on him, and the fans are curious about what happens in the gaps between the glimpses of his personality – both in terms of who he is and what he likes to do. Diab was quoted as saying, “I find that to be rather fascinating.”

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