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    Ninjak Returns With All New Issue On Free Comic Book Day Special Event

    It’s been a long time since we’ve seen the world’s deadliest assassin Ninjak, but this week he returns in one of the biggest Free Comic Book Day releases of all time – and it comes with a special exclusive comic book! Today, Valiant Entertainment is proud to present Ninjak #1 which takes place on Saturday, May 7th.

    Ninjak: Everything You Should Know

    Ninjak is a former MI6 operative turned mercenary and assassin. He’s also a master of hand-to-hand combat and firearms. But his greatest asset might be his mind – he’s an expert in espionage, sabotage, and assassination, able to think on his feet and come up with devious plans to take out his targets.

    The new series by Matt Kindt and Paolo Rivera starts in October, and the superhero will be teaming up with the UK’s finest – MI-6 – to take down a global terrorist organization called The Triad.

    Ninjak is back in a new series for Free Comic Book Day – and this time, he’s working with a new partner. The series kicks off with an all-new #1 issue on May 7th, and it’s just the beginning of a wild ride that finds the MI6 agent teamed up with a new female counterpart called Shadowman.

    Ninjak Is Back And Better Than Ever

    In celebration of Free Comic Book Day (which takes place on Saturday, May 7th), the new series will be available in a special free comic book day issue. Ninjak #1 is an all-new story by New York Times bestseller Matt Kindt (X-Men: Legacy, Mind MGMT) and Eisner Award-winner Clayton Henry (Justice League Dark). The action begins when Ninjak investigates the death of a former ally on the hellish world of Mars. As he uncovers secrets and conspiracy, he quickly discovers that someone doesn’t want him investigating… someone wants him dead.

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