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    “Now We Know Where The Dream To Go To Mars Originated”: Twitter Is Loving The Elon Musk Tweet That Takes A Subtle Jab At Apple’s New Tech

    Elon Musk is winning the internet once again. This time the tech billionaire posted a deep-cut meme about his competitor. He took a shot at Apple’s first-ever spatial operating system for its high price range. Until Tesla can come up with their product version, people will keep in mind Musk’s latest message.

    Apple has unveiled what’s being referred to as a monumental moment in the age of augmented reality. Thanks to this technology, users can experience the contents of their phones more immersively. But Musk suggests less expensive alternatives than Tim Cook’s AR glasses.

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    Elon Musk Calls Out Apple For Expensive AR Glasses In His Latest Tweet

    Elon Musk is having a field day with his sarcastic tweets

    Once again, Elon Musk illustrated his point through his quirky sense of humor. His latest tweet is a meme that compares and contrasts cheaper and more fun alternatives to Apple’s augmented reality glasses. With no words or explanations, Musk lets the power of the image speak with his following tweet.

    The meme in discussion shows a woman wearing the latest Apple Vision Pro worth $3500. But the meme implies the same pathological experience can be had with a packet of $20 magic mushrooms. The point in case? Just because something is pricey doesn’t make it the best option. There are always more ways to skin a cat, or in this case, watch aliens and UFOs, or whatever version of future Apple claims is better through their products. 

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    Twitter Reacts To Elon Musk’s Calling Out His Competitors

    The former Twitter CEO was once again posting goofy tweets to gain a reaction

    Once again, many have flocked to Elon Musk’s creative tweet. As always, Musk’s tweet has successfully unleashed the netizens’ inner comedian. @408840swagdaddy tweets, “Our fungi overlords are tryna dip shits getting wild on earth.”

    @cryptosstrikes, who finds neither option acceptable, tweets, “rather pay $7 for a corona and stare at the ocean”

    @TheAnaBraga took this moment to diss Matt Walsh, the man behind the controversial doc ‘What Is A Woman?’ with her tweet, “The $20 one is sold by Matt Walsh who still doesn’t know what a hot woman is”

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