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    “Over My Dead Body”: Elon Musk Being Sued Over Non-Payment Of Office Rent And Other Contractual Breaches

    With electronic cars, private space missions, and running a social media platform that many count on, Elon Musk is relentless in his pursuit of a new tomorrow. After finally appointing Linda Yaccarino as the new Twitter CEO, he can devote more time to Tesla and his other ventures.

    However, there’s no point in making promises for a brighter tomorrow when you aren’t paying your employees and landlords. Elon Musk has been slapped with multiple lawsuits of non-payment and contractual breaches. Not a great week for the tech billionaire who just addressed Tesla’s annual shareholders meeting.

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    Elon Musk Hesitant To Pay His Landlords And Former Employees

    Tesla CEO has a lot of outstanding bills he's unwilling to pay
    Tesla CEO has a lot of outstanding bills he’s unwilling to pay

    Multiple lawsuits for the non-payment of office rent have hit Elon Musk. The case brought forward by White Coat Captioning, YES Consulting, Cancomm, and Dialogue México, claims that Twitter is in breach of their rental contracts. A report claims that Musk said Twitter will only pay rent, ranging from $40,000 to $140,000, “over his dead body.”

    On Tuesday, six former Twitter employees sued Elon Musk and X. Corp, accusing them of 14 violations of fraud, labor-rights laws, and breach of contract. One of the plaintiffs in the report, Joseph Killian, knew that Musk would not abide by the rental agreement. Pablo Mendoza, a venture capitalist who invested in the tech billionaire’s ventures, gave him this information.

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    Elon Musk’s Dismissal Of Work From Home Culture

    Tesla CEO doesn’t have good things to say about work-from-home culture

    Elon Musk’s sense of entitlement over rent payments is maddening. In his recent tweet, the Tesla CEO called Sam Francisco “a derelict zombie apocalypse. But calling attention to the loss of beauty and culture doesn’t give you an excuse for living rent-free.

    The lawsuit comes soon after the tech billionaire sounded off on the employees working from home. He expressed his distaste for his “morally wrong” behavior. Not only does it send a wrong message to on-field workers, but it also leads to lower productivity.

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