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    “Twitter Is The New Netflix”: Netizens React To Elon Musk Adding Long-Form Content Feature For Twitter Blue Users

    With Linda Yaccarino’s appointment as the Twitter CEO, Elon Musk is finally making changes on the tech side of things. The billionaire owner announced a new feature for Twitter Blue subscribers. Now for their monthly fee of $8, Twitter Blue faithful can upload videos for as long as two hours on their accounts.

    When the tweet announcing this feature came out, the internet reacted lukewarmly. While some are praising this addition, others fear that this move leaves the user base open to potentially conservative content. There are also jokes about how Twitter is heading to become a streaming service with people wanting to upload movies.

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    Elon Musk Introduces Long-Form Content For Twitter Blue Users

    The tech billionaire comes up with another innovation for Twitter Blue users

    To revolutionize Twitter, Elon Musk has introduced a new feature for Twitter Blue subscribers. It is now possible to upload long-form content to the microblogging platform. Musk’s tweet explains his latest add-on feature, “Twitter Blue Verified subscribers can now upload 2 hour videos (8GB)!”

    Elon Musk’s Twitter Blue is focused on bringing more revenue to the platform for a monthly fee of $8 or a yearly subscription of $84. The subscription also allows users access to features such as direct messages and longer tweets. Twitter has also been taking steps to eradicate several spam and bots by erasing accounts with infrequent usage.

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    Reaction To Elon Musk’s New Twitter Feature

    The tech billionaire is being taken to task by some users

    As expected, the internet quickly gave its two cents on Elon Musk‘s way of running Twitter. The users are already coming up with creative ways to use the ability to use the freshly introduced feature, be it movies or food recipes. A user, @Qurandale, is suggesting Twitter is going to become the hub of cinema

    @Kurdistan_AR chimed in with the advantages and disadvantages of this feature, hoping it could serve as an alternative to Youtube.

    @ModernWarzone is winking at the possibility of uploading an entire podcast episode.

    But not everyone is happy with the tech billionaire. @777jorgeivan would rather Elon Musk restructure the foundation of Twitter instead of adding new features.

    @BallinKy was much critical, calling Twitter a breeding ground of hate. He won’t be coming back to Twitter.

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