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    Pete Davidson To Depart From ‘SNL’ After Season Finale

    One has to leave the nest to soar high in the world! After successful eight seasons in the nest, Pete Davidson is expected to leave SNL after the season finale of Season 47. During the finale, Orange Is The New Black actress Natasha Lyonne will take up the host duties, and Japanese Breakfast will appear as the musical guests. SNL gave the stand-up comedian the fame that he is basking in today. Pete was the youngest feature player on the Variety show. After eight years, The King Of Staten Island actor will bid adieu to Studio 8H. 

    Pete Davidson Pondered About The Exit In 2020

    Pete Davidson
    Pete Davidson

    The comedian made his debut on the NBC sketch show in 2014. During the premiere of the 40th season, Pete Davidson was 20 years old and was the youngest one to join the Saturday Night Live family. He did “Weekend Update,” a sketch with self-mocking routines in his initial days. However, the comedian evolved with the variety of programs and he became part of the show. Pete started imitation comedy where he did impressions of personalities like Bohemian Rhapsody actor Rami Malek, Machine Gun Kelly, Jake Paul, Aaron Rodgers, and others. 

    Not only professionally, but Davidson’s personal life also had its evolution during his tenure on the show. He got almost hitched to his ex-fiance and pop star Ariana Grande. Recently, he is headlining the tabloids due to his relationship with reality TV star Kim Kardashian, who also hosted the show in 2021. Pete hinted at his exit in 2020. He said, “I have conversations with a lot of people. It’s a hard thing to do because you don’t want to ever pull the trigger too early. Everybody’s always been like, ‘You’ll know when you know and it’ll all be all right.'”

    The star was also weary of becoming the victim of deprecating humor being the youngest. He continued, “I personally think that I should be done with that show because they make fun of me on it. I get it, but I’m like, cold-open, political punchlines. I’m like, ‘Weekend Update’ jokes. When I’m not there, they’ll be like, ‘Ha ha ha, Pete’s a f***ing jerk-face.’ And you’re like, ‘Whose side are you on? I have a weird feeling in that building where I don’t know whose team they’re playing for, really. If I’m the joke or I’m in on the joke.”  

    Along with Pete Davidson, Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, and Kyle Mooney may also exit SNL. McKinnon became a breakthrough comedian on the show with her sketch characters. Aidy is phenomenal with her apt celebrity impressions, and Kyle presents a satirical take on the ‘behind-the-scenes’ of the show. The producers utilize the summer hiatus for the recruitment of new talents including artists, writers, and actors.

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    Nishant Bhise
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