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    “That Road Can Be Very Bumpy”: Beyonce Reflects On Her Struggles In The Music Industry

    Queen Beyonce took the stage during the iHeart Radio Music Awards as she accepted the award for Innovator of the Year, days after releasing her album Cowboy Carter, making the entire town talk with a genre shift and a perfect attempt at country music.

    Accepting the award from multiple Grammy winner Stevie Wonder, she talked about her struggles as a musician in the industry, by saying, “Innovation starts with a dream, but then you have to execute that dream and that road can be very bumpy. Being an innovator is seeing what everyone believes is impossible. Being an innovator often means being criticized, which, often, will test your mental strength.”

    Beyonce accepting the 'Innovator Of The Year' award
    Beyonce accepting the ‘Innovator Of The Year’ award

    Continuing, she elaborated, “So, to all the record labels, every radio station, every awards show, my hope is that we’re more open to the joy and liberation that comes from enjoying art with no preconceived notions.”

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    Beyonce Gives Husband Jay Z An Adorable Shoutout

    Beyoncé and JAY-Z
    Beyoncé and JAY-Z

    While accepting the award from Stevie Wonder, she also thanked him for contributing to her track ‘Jolene‘ and then gave a shoutout to her kids, her sisters, and of course, a loving mention of her husband Jay Z.

    Beyonce said, “Whenever anyone asks me if there’s anyone I could listen to for the rest of my life, it’s always you. God bless you,” talking to Stevie Wonder, to which he replied, “I just want to thank you for motivating the world to becoming a better place.”

    Referencing Jay Z and her kids she said, “My husband, my rock, my best friend, I love you,” adding, “My three beautiful children, who continue to be my inspiration and my biggest blessing.”

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