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    ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’: Director Of Photography Opens Up About The Challenges Of Filming Chris Hemsworth’s Naked Butt Scene

    The complete trailer of ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ gave fans a lot to talk about, but the highlight of the trailer was one particular scene where Chris Hemsworth went naked. The scene depicts a bare-bodied Thor with his rear side on full display.

    The film’s director of photography, Barry Baz Idoine, was questioned about filming the scene during a red carpet interview at the world premiere. He responded with a hilarious anecdote. Here is everything you should know.

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    “It Was Difficult To Shoot With Chris Hemsworth,” Says DP Of ‘Thor: Love And Thunder’

    Talking to Deadline, Barry Baz Idoine opened up about the difficulties in shooting Chris Hemsworth’s butt. Idoine said, “It’s incredibly hard to shoot Chris Hemsworth’s butt. I mean, nobody concentrates, nobody does their job, everybody’s looking at the butt, they’re not looking at what they’re supposed to be doing. That was a challenge.”

    Director Taika Waititi discussed the inclusion of nudity in an earlier interview with He claimed that no one at Marvel had any objections.

    “From a very young age, we all knew we wanted to do it. Actually, Chris was on board and it was in the initial draught of the script. You know, even Chris knows, I think you have a body like him. Not displaying it would be unfair and wasteful. A crime against humanity would be committed. Therefore, you must provide provisions for the whole populace.

    Waititi also made light of the fact that everyone would soon be able to see Chris Hemsworth’s super-toned body on the big screen in the upcoming film.

    Hemsworth’s Butt Scene Makes Thor 4 First MCU Film To Receive PG-13 Rating For Nudity

    Thor 4 becomes first MCU film to receive a PG-13 rating for partial nudity
    Thor 4 becomes the first MCU film to receive a PG-13 rating for partial nudity

    ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ is officially rated PG-13 by the Motion Picture Association. Hemsworth’s nudity in the movie also represents a first for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thor 4’s PG-13 rating is due to “intense sequences of sci-fi violence and action, language, some suggestive material, and partial nudity.”

    The portion in the trailer where Thor’s butt was revealed (and later blurred off) became the most replayed part of the entire trailer, suggesting that fans are eager to see the complete, uncensored Hemsworth nude scene.

    ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ debuts in theatres On July 8.

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