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    What Is The ‘Black Wife Effect’ Trend On TikTok?

    Social media trends are never-ending. A new one has just taken over TikTok and it is the ‘Black Wife Effect’. So what is this trend? It is not as bad as it sounds though. In a way, the new trend is pretty romantic. Users are appreciating their wives through this trend. Even ‘Scandal’ star Kerry Washington got in on it. She tagged her former co-star Tony Goldwyn to the trend. 

    The trend mainly focuses on showing transformation pictures of white or Asian men before and after they marry a black woman. Users are pretty excited about the trend showing themselves off and also appreciating their wives. 

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    Netizens React To The Black Wife Effect Trend

    The Black Wife Effect Trend
    The Black Wife Effect Trend

    This new social media trend that is making rounds across TikTok is about sharing transformation videos before and after marrying a black woman. The trend applauds the effects a black woman has on a white or Asian man. The videos are usually set to the tune of the hit song ‘Million Dollar Baby‘ by Tommy Richman. 

    Users argue that it is not only the aesthetics rather a black woman elevates everything in the man’s life. “For me, when I’m watching the Black Wife Effect, what I’m thinking is that everything Black women touch they elevate. And that’s not just on a partner scale, that’s on a societal scale,” one user shared on TikTok. “The fascinating thing is not that they look better, their style is better, but like you can visibly see their confidence get better. And that’s not like a physical change. That’s something of being properly cared for,” she added. 

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    Kerry Washington Jumped On The Trend Too

    Kerry Washington joins the trend with Tony Goldwyn
    Kerry Washington joins the trend with Tony Goldwyn

    Scandal’ star Kerry Washington who played Olivia Pope in the series has also jumped on the trend. However, the actress tagged her former co-star Tony Goldwyn in the trend. The actress is jokingly taking credit for Goldwyn’s transformation from a schleppy White guy to a fashionable man.

    Tony! I’ve upgraded your life in so many ways #BlackWifeEffect, and today I’m adding one more,” Washington said on Instagram. She also encouraged everyone to vote, which is never a bad idea. “Go upgrade your voter registration status to REGISTERED 😜. Love you!!!!!!”, Kerry Washington wrote on her TikTok. Fans have always loved Washington and Goldwyn together over the seven seasons of the political drama. This act of Washington’s has again made fans relive the days of their rocky romance.

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