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    Watch: YouTuber Bradley Martyn Hits Streamer For Stealing Hat, Then Offers A Return Slap Out of Guilt

    Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Well, we all are familiar with this famous phrase but we saw it happening practically in real. A Twitch streamer and Youtuber Bradley Martyn found themselves in a heated argument.

    Streamer Stable Ronaldo, recently visited Martin’s gym while filming a video. Ronaldo decided to have some fun and he snatched Martin’s hat but it didn’t go as planned.

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    Twitch Streamer And Bradley Found Themselves In A Heated Argument

    Bradley Martin
    Bradley Martyn

    Twitch streamer Rani ‘Stable Ronaldo’ recently visited YouTuber Bradley Martyn at his gym (Zoo Culture Gym). While filming a video inside his gym Ronaldo thought of doing a prank on Martyn and he took his hat. The video is shared on all the different social media platforms.

    When Ronaldo didn’t return his hat even after asking, Martyn slapped the former on his face which was recorded on the video. The streamer was shocked.

    He then proceeds to say “Damn! Actually? I didn’t know that was bad, my bad brother. No, actually? Put the camera down.” The video was shared on an Instagram handle called @fitnessgymunion, with a caption saying “Bradley Martyn slapped streamer Stable Ronaldo for stealing his hat.”

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    Fans React To The Video


    The video went viral on social media and people started to point out that Martyn only asked for a slap from him because he didn’t want to get involved in a lawsuit or legal case by the streamer.

    People took over to X (Twitter) to share their reactions to the video and here are some.

    Well, it was very impulsive of Bradley Martyn to hit the kid so hard. He was just trying to have fun for his video and Martyn could have played his cool instead of hitting the kid. And after realizing his wrong act, he asked the kid to hit him back, to escape any legal disputes.

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