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    YouTubers Vitaly And Bradley Martyn Catch ‘Space Jam’ Producer Herschel Weingrod With A 15-year-old Girl In An Alleged Grooming Case

    YouTubers Vitaly Zdorovetskiy and Bradley Martyn, known for their fitness channel’s controversial pranks, took a dramatic turn with their new series, ‘Catching Predators.’ The show follows a now well-worn path set by similar online shows. 

    The premise involves posing as a minor on dating apps and confronting adults who show up for in-person meetings. However, the stakes were undeniably raised when the person allegedly caught in the sting was identified as Herschel Weingrod, the producer behind the beloved 90s film ‘Space Jam.’

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    “It’s Not Against The Law”: Herschel Weingrod After Getting Caught By YouTubers Vitaly And Bradley Martyn

    Bradley Martyn with the alleged predator
    Bradley Martyn with the alleged predator

    The details surrounding the sting operation are still emerging. However, leaked footage shows a visibly flustered Weingrod who is 76 sitting at a restaurant table with a young woman. When confronted by the YouTubers and their crew, Weingrod reportedly admitted he knew the girl was only 15 years old.  

    In a particularly disturbing exchange, Weingrod allegedly tried to defend himself by saying, “It’s not against the law to have pizza with a 15-year-old.” The seriousness of the situation is palpable, with the live-stream audience erupting in disgust. Weingrod is then escorted out of the restaurant by the YouTubers, facing a barrage of accusations and jeers.

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    Fans React To Vitaly’s New Venture 

    Vitaly and Bradley Martyn
    Vitaly and Bradley Martyn

    The ‘Catching Predators’ sting has ignited a firestorm of controversy. While many applaud the YouTubers for taking down a potential predator, questions remain. Legally, the sting operation itself might be in a gray area, and some argue it could jeopardize any official investigation. However, the undeniable impact is that Weingrod’s reputation is in shambles, and rightfully so. 

    Additionally, law enforcement will undoubtedly be looking into the allegations, and it’s likely Weingrod’s career is over. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of online predators. Whether the YouTubers’ methods were above board is a debate for another day. For now, the internet is left grappling with the disturbing allegations against a once-celebrated Hollywood figure. 

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