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    Watch: Ty Dolla Sign & Vitaly Caught A Child Predator, Shave His Head, Throw A Grenade At Him

    While Drake and Kendrick Lamar are having a feud among themselves, Ty Dolla Sign is having his own fun time by catching child predator and throwing some grenades (firecrackers) at them.

    A video was posted on the YouTube channel of Vitaly and rapper $ sign was featured on it, where he was seen catching a predator. Well, he’s doing everything except dropping an album.

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    Ty Dolla Sign And Vitaly Caught A Child Predator On Camera

    Still from the video
    Still from the video

    The video starts with Vitaly with rapper and singer, $ Sign chasing the predator and asking him to stop. The guy in the orange T-shirt (predator), didn’t stop so they decided to run behind him and held him against the wall.

    He was a p**dophile and was calling a 15-year-old boy for s*x. Both $ Sign and Vitaly confronted the guy but he was acting all innocent and was calling himself a “good person”.

    Instead of taking him to jail, Vitaly started shaving the guy’s head with the help of the rapper. Even after getting caught, the P**dophile wasn’t accepting his crime. Later in the video, Vitaly threw some firecrackers at the guy, after which he ran off.

    Even though the video was about a serious issue, it was still hilarious to watch and even Ty Dolla Sign couldn’t hide his laugh.

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    Fans Hilarious Take On The Video

    $ Sign
    $ Sign

    Comments on the video are more hilarious than the actual video. People took to the X (Twitter) to write their views on the video, and you can only imagine where this went. Well, yes they started to bring Drake into the picture and called him out for obvious reasons.

    Here are some of them:

    The comments got progressively funny and some people even called out them for using firecrackers as grenades which was quite obvious.

    Connection with the Drake and Kendrick dispute was also expected and overall comments were quite funny to scroll through.

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