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    Travis Barker Extends A Heartfelt Gesture Making Kris Jenner Emotional

    The new era of the documented lives of the Kardashians and Jenner sisters began. The Kardashians is airing on Hulu and Star+ from April 14th, 2022. The first episode itself created history by becoming the most viewed premiere in the history of the streaming platform. The third episode has aired. The episode began with the shenanigans at Saturday Night Live. But, the new entrant in the family, Travis Barker won hearts and made Kris Jenner emotional.

    Travis Barker Went To Robert Kardashian Senior’s Grave To Ask For Kourtney’s Hand For Marriage

    Travis Barker and Robert Kardashian Sr.
    Travis Barker and Robert Kardashian Sr.

    In last week’s episode,  Kris Jenner and Khloé Kardashian were en route to New York to shoot SNL. During the episode, Travis called Kris to seek permission and inform them that he will be proposing to the Poosh founder for marriage. 

    Both Khloé and Kris Jenner were overwhelmed by the gesture, but Travis made sure that he sought blessings and permission from both the parents. In the latest episode, Kim Kardashian and the momager had a vulnerable chat.

    Kris told Kim that Travis went to their father’s grave and asked for his permission. Kris said, “He [Travis Barker] asked for her hand in marriage, and I was like, literally, I want to cry now,” while getting ready for the show. She added, “It was so sweet and so tender. And then he said he went to your dad’s grave and asked your dad, and I just lost it.”

    Kris was very emotional and with teary eyes, she continued, “It’s all happy, I just wish your dad was here to see it. I can hardly believe that it’s the first time that she’s getting married.” Kim was also teary-eyed and prevented Kris from crying and requesting her not to do this while she was at work. Kimberly said with tears of happiness, “That’s really crazy that she hasn’t been married before,” and joked, While I’ve had enough for all of us!”

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    Nishant Bhise
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