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    Watch: Pope Francis Makes A Hilarious “Tequila” Joke During Interaction With Mexican Seminarians

    Pope Francis always makes news for being an unconventional pontiff. He is known for encouraging his devotees to enjoy leisure. Francis once made a statement back in 2016, “Water is needed to live, but wine expresses the abundance of the banquet and joy of the celebration.” He topped this by saying that “Wine is necessary for the celebration.

    Pope Francis will Receive A Bottle of Tequila

    Pope Francis in a wheelchair due to weak knees
    Pope Francis is currently using a wheelchair due to weak knees

    The pontiff was recently riding around St. Peter’s Square. There he got stopped by a group of people. The group happened to Mexican seminarians from the Legion of Christ who started interacting with him. They asked him how his knee was doing, in his native language- Spanish.

    The Pope has been feeling weak, especially in his knees, and has been in pain for quite some time. But he still chooses to entertain the Mexicans. He replies to them by saying, that “his knees were capricious.” They admired Francis for his ability to smile despite being in pain. They said he was an example for future priests like themselves.

    Their interaction doesn’t stop there. Instead, it became more fun when Pope asks them, “Do you know what I need for my knee? Some tequila!”

    The seminarians laughed at Pope’s hilarious remark and promised to deliver a bottle to the Santa Marta hotel where Francis is staying. Pope Francis has recently pulled out of a two-day planned trip to Lebanon because of his knee problem. Though it has been confirmed that he will travel to Congo and South Sudan, as well as Canada, in July.

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