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    Watch: Ryan Gosling Nails His Version Of Taylor Swift’s ‘All Too Well’. Here’s How The Singer Reacted

    Ryan Gosling just released his own version of Taylor Swift‘s ‘All Too Well’ and it’s an absolute banger. As the actor hosted the latest episode of ‘Saturday Night Live‘, he belted his own version of Swift’s ballad as he reminisced on his ‘Barbie‘ days.

    Gosling said leaving Ken behind felt like a breakup, adding that in this situation, “really only one thing that can help. The music of the great Taylor Swift!”. He then sang, “I shredded Venice Beach it’s true. My clothes were tight, but something about that spandex felt so right,” sang Gosling. “I left my rollerblades in that big pink house, but I still got that fur coat and I’ll wear it right now.”

    He then proceeded to wear the iconic fur coat that he donned on the Oscars stage as well and continued singing. However, Gosling was quickly interrupted by his ‘The Fall Guy’ co-star Emily Blunt, who called out him for singing about Ken instead of promoting their film and ordered him to remove Ken’s fur coat.

    “Ryan, you need to move on. It’s time,” Blunt told him before Gosling began singing again. This time, the actress slapped him over the head with a bottle. Since it didn’t stop Gosling from talking about Ken, Blunt whacked him with a board of wood and said, “Ken is dead.”

    Later on, though, Blunt joined in on the song as she sang about her character Kitty from ‘Oppenheimer’. “Father of the atom bomb and a bottle of Jack, I use to be the alcohol wife of a dude in a hat. Cause here we are again back in 2023 with the ‘Barbenheimer’ summer it was just you and me,” Blunt and Gosling sang together. “Must confess, we’re a mess to impress, now it’s time to wish Ken and Kitty, both of us farewell.”  

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    Taylor Swift Reacts To Ryan Gosling’s Version Of ‘All Too Well’

    Ryan Gosling for SNL
    Ryan Gosling for SNL

    Ryan Gosling earned Taylor Swift’s approval of ‘All Too Well (Ryan’s Version)’ as the singer shared a clip of the monologue on her Instagram stories as well as her X account, praising it, and jokingly adding that she might sing it on one of her shows.

    In the caption, she wrote, “All Too Well (Ryan and Emily’s Version) !!! Watch me accidentally catch myself singing this version on tour. This monologue is EVERYTHING.”

    Swift will be continuing her tour in May, starting with her international tour, with the first stop being Paris. Till then, she is gearing up for the release of her latest album, ‘Tortured Poets Department’ which will be out on April 19.

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