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    What Did Ben Affleck Tell Jennifer Lopez In Wedding Speech? The Singer Reveals Beautiful Message

    Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck dated each other from 2002 to 2004. They got engaged in November 2002. They planned their wedding on September 14, 2003. However, the wedding was postponed for four days, because it received a lot of attention from the media. The wedding was then called off in January 2004.

    Recently, they found their love for each other again. They celebrated their love with a grand wedding ceremony held at Ben’s Georgia estate. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck became husband and wife on July 16, 2022. Ben became the stepfather for JLo’s twins: Max and Emme Muñiz. Ben also surprised JLo with a heartfelt wedding speech. Read on to know more about what was told in the speech.

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    What Was The Wedding Speech Ben Affleck Gave That Moved Jennifer Lopez?

    Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck
    Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck hitched

    Ben Affleck poured his heart out while giving his wedding speech on his wedding day. He addressed his wife Jennifer Lopez and her children during the celebration with family and friends at his Riceboro, Georgia, estate on July 16, 2022. He gave an “impassioned speech” told a source to US Weekly. The source said, “Ben made an impassioned speech professing his love for Jennifer and her kids and said the children are the blessing and gift that happened because they didn’t get married before and that is proof that everything happens for a reason.” 

    Ben quoted in his speech, “This is heaven. Right Here. We’re in it now.” Jennifer already turned into a puddle while hearing this from Ben, a source noted. Lopez explained that the quote is from Ben’s film. She specified, “That is one of my favourite lines that Ben wrote from a movie he directed called ‘Live By Night.'” This wedding could not get any more perfect, the singer thought to herself.

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    Jennifer Lopez’s Surprise To Ben Affleck

    Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck embracing each other in their lavish wedding in Georgia
    Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck embracing each other in their lavish wedding in Georgia

    The singer shared that it was not just Ben who surprised her in the most perfect way. She revealed that she incorporated a song that is close to their hearts in the ceremony. “Ben and I talked about Marc Cohn’s ‘True Companion’ as the perfect wedding love song in this very house more than twenty years ago,” Jennifer exclaimed.

    Ben did not know that JLo asked Marc to surprise them at their wedding. She said that she walked down the aisle whilst Marc played ‘The Things We’ve Handed Down.‘ The song was fitting as her 14-year-old twins, Emme and Max, and Ben’s kids Violet, 16, Seraphina, 13, and Samuel, 10, walked before her at the event. “A song about the wonderful mystery of children,” J.Lo recalled, “Something we could only guess at back then, but it was the perfect choice as our five children preceded me on the walk.” The wonderful couple is now enjoying their honeymoon with each other and fans are showering their wishes all over social media.

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