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    “What He Did Really Hinders Her Recovery”: Justin Timberlake Making Fun Of Britney Spears’ Apology ‘Triggered’ Her

    When it comes to singer Britney Spears, there is much to cover, including her contentious conservatorship and her complex personal life. She experienced many highs and lows in her life, which caused her to become emotionally and physically exhausted. Although she is currently in the healing phase, things still occasionally happen.

    Justin Timberlake and Spears dated for nearly four years. She believed they would be together forever and have children together because she was serious about him. However, things faltered for them. Rewind to February of this year, during his stage performance, Timberlake made fun of Spears’ attempt to move on by issuing an apology, which infuriated her. Let’s look over the actual events that transpired.

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    How Britney Spears Got Affected By Justin Timberlake Mocked Her

    Britney Spears is upset that Justin Timberlake turned down her apology to him over talking about their past. He had announced to the audience during his live show, “I want to take this opportunity to apologize f-king nobody“. At his New York performance, he continued singing ‘Cry Me A River‘, which he had written following his breakup with Spears. This all began on January 28, when Spears took to social media to apologize for “some of things” she had written in her most recent book. “If I offended any of the people I genuinely care about, I am deeply sorry,” she wrote on Instagram before praising Timberlake’s latest song, ‘Selfish‘.

    The singer was hurt by Timberlake’s remarks, as a source told Us Weekly that “her breakup with him marked the turning point of her mental illness.”

    The source further added how Spears “thought they’d be together forever and have children. So when he broke up with her, it shook her world. Things shifted with her and she started having problems.”

    So Timberlake’s recent move has triggered Spears especially when they were both moving forward.

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    Past Conflicts Of Spears And Timberlake

    After breakup
    Britney and Justin

    Britney and Justin ended their relationship in 2002, having begun dating in 1999. The lyrics to Timberlake’s song ‘Cry Me A River‘ made reference to Britney’s infidelity. Ten years later, Timberlake resurrected the drama in 2013 with the words, “There are moments in life when you believe you’ve found The One, but then one day you find out that she is just some b***h.”

    Then later he denied that the statement was about Spears. Additionally, he issued a public apology in 2021 for his remarks that were misogynistic and sexist.

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