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    Who Was Wallis Simpson And Why Meghan Markle Is Reminding Internet Of Her?

    Meghan Markle has returned from the United Kingdom after attending Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral. The Duchess of Sussex has resumed her popular Spotify podcast, Archetypes. During their stay in the UK, both Markle and her husband Prince Harry were not treated very well by the Royal family.

    However, the two are back in the United States and the former ‘Suits‘ actress recently made an appearance in a red outfit. The outfit has been in the news as it’s similar to the dress of Wallis Simpson. But who was Simpson? Let’s try and find out the answer to this question.

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    Who Was Wallis Simpson And Why Is Meghan Markle Reminding Everyone Of Her?

    Harry's friends call him 'Nuts' for dating Meghan Markle
    Meghan Markle

    Markle recently appeared in a beautiful red dress for a portrait taken at the One Young World Summit’s opening ceremony in Manchester, England, in early September. This was just days before Queen Elizabeth II‘s death.

    Since then, the internet has been comparing her to Wallis Simpson. But who was she? Wallis, Duchess of Windsor was an American socialite and wife of the Duke of Windsor, the former King-Emperor Edward VIII.

    Edward and Wallis’ intention to marry each other and her status as a divorcée caused a constitutional crisis that led to his abdication by the Royals.

    There are a lot of similarities between Wallis and Meghan as both are American and both fell in love and married a member of the British Royal family. Just like Harry and Meghan, Edward and Wallis also lived in exile and were cut off from the Royal Family.

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    The Similarities Between Meghan and Wallis

    Prince Harry's friends did not like Meghan Markle
    Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Markle

    Meghan was earlier married to a film producer Engelson between 2011 to 2013. Similarly, Wallis was also married before divorcing her first husband and falling in love with Edward.

    One user on Twitter also pointed out that Meghan wore nearly an identical dress to Wallis in her infamous interview with Oprah Winfrey. They wrote: “Meghan Markle’s dress for her Oprah interview looks like the same dress as traitor Wallis Simpson’s style in a portrait taken in the year Edward gave up his throne.”

    Both Harry and Meghan were recently demoted on the official website of the British Royal Family. Things haven’t been good between them ever since Harry and Meghan stepped down from their Royal duties in 2020.

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