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    Why Is Kanye West Being Denied Australian Visa?

    Kanye West’s recklessness will have consequences after all. Following a chaotic split with Kim Kardashian, things have gone worse for the rapper-fashion industry disruptor. Lately, he’s been mouthing off racist rants and making abhorrent claims about race relations in the United States.

    Ye, who recently married Bianca Censori, is looking forward to traveling to Melbourne to meet the inlaws. But following his anti-Semitic remarks, West will be denied visa entry to Australia. Jason Clare, the Australian minister of education, confirms West will not be permitted to land in Australia given his history of disrespectful and vile comments. 

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    What Is The Controversy Surrounding Kanye West?

    Kanye West has made rounds at media outlets spouting hate

    Once a prodigious musical mind, West has fallen from grace. Over the last few months, he has made media rounds and appeared on various radio shows and podcasts to sound off bizarre conspiracy theories. He has been pointed in his hatred of the Jewish community, even defending Hitler in a viral interview

    The rapper-fashion mogul has gone on to mock the standards of public decency and tolerance, proclaiming his love for Hitler and going up in arms about being blocked by the”Jewish media” In the act of irredeemable blasphemy, he posted an image of a swastika fused with a Star of David on his social media

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    Why Is Kanye West Being Denied Entry Into Australia?

    Bianca Censori and Kanye West

    Following the media backlash, people have raised concerns about the rapper’s mental well-being. Adidas recently dropped Kanye West from their client roster, severing all ties in light of his racist remarks. He was also banned from Twitter following his outbursts and surliness. The media frenzy around him will affect his first visit to meet his wife Bianca Censori’s parents.

    Following the rise of anti-semitism with Kanye’ss increasingly dangerous hate rhetoric, civil rights groups have called for a ban on Kanye West. Australian Education Minister Jason Clare spoke to ‘Today Show’‘ on Australia’s Nine Network, sounding off his opinion of West as a Holocaust denier. He has said that people with similar beliefs, like Kanye, have not been permitted to enter the country. 

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