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    Why Ex-Manager Of Kanye West Wants To Sue Him?

    iThe consequences of the actions of Kanye West are surfacing! West’s behavior has been very harmful in the recent past. Since the 2016 slavery ‘is a choice’ comment, there has been a steady downfall, but it accelerated in October 2022. It is difficult for him to get out of the pit that he hit with the hate train. In October 2022, West showcased new Yeezy T-shirt collection with ‘White Lives Matter’ printed on it. This attracted heavy vitriol from the internet and the industry people.

    The ‘Donda’ rapper did not stop at that. After hurting the sentiments of the African American folks, he went on a rampage to take down the Jews with his anti-Semitism.  but Ye exploited every platform to make hateful statements against them. Even his 2024 election campaign had this on top of his agenda when he appeared on the Alex Jones’ show ‘InfoWars’ with Nick Fuentes. The industry heavyweights with whom he collaborated have cut all ties with him, stripping him off a lot of wealth. On top of financial consequences, his ex-manager Thomas St.John is suing him, but Kanye has gone missing in action.

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    Thomas St. John Is Suing Kanye West For $4.5 Million

    Thomas St. John is suing Kanye West
    Thomas St. John is suing Kanye West

    Kanye West is allegedly on a run to avoid his former manager Thomas St. John. The two met in March 2022. He is an Irish business personality, who runs an international accounting firm, the ‘Thomas St John Group’. He is based in Los Angeles. The producer and rapper made a deal with him to pay him a $300,000 monthly retainer to help Kanye run his businesses. However, the two worked only for three months together, but the ‘College Dropout’ rapper did not remunerate Thomas with the promised amount.

    On December 19th, 2022, he filed a lawsuit against Kanye West for nonpayment of the dues and breaching the 18 months agreement till November 2023. But, as per the law, the plaintiffs have to present a record of the notification that the defendants are informed. However, as per the court papers, the plaintiffs failed to reach West. They sent the legal papers to all his addresses, but the attempts went in vain. The filings stated, “We were advised about a new law firm for defendants, but not a specific point of contact. We subsequently learned of information in the news that the law firm identified as new counsel was not affiliated with the defendants”.

    It added, “We will continue to make diligent and reasonable attempts to serve defendants,” even going as far as hiring “appropriate agencies” to help them locate him”.

    The lawsuit mentioned details about the fallout. As per the papers, the ‘Jesus Walks’ artist got into an “aggressive and heated” argument with St. John. It read, “When confronted by the 18-month commitment that had just been made, Mr. West stated words to the effect of ‘The 18-month term was bulls**t’ and ‘You’re wild for even thinking I would stick to it.’ “ So, as a remedy, he has sued him for $4.5 million which includes the unpaid retainer.

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    Twitter Is Rejoicing That The Rapper Went In The Burrow


    Kanye West’s finances dwindled badly when his key collaborators like Balenciaga and especially Adidas cut off the ties. The business fallouts dethroned him from billionaire status. Recently, Kim Kardashian did an interview where she confessed that co-parenting with Kanye is “f***ing hard”.

    But, people online have no qualms about reading that the “anti-Semite” has gone missing. People spotted him at a church, but his ex-manager has been trying hard to locate him to send him the legal notice of the lawsuit.

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