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    Why ‘Superman IV: The Quest For Peace’ Was Good Despite Getting Negative Reviews?

    While many superheroes were spotted making their perfect debut following the launch of MCU and DCEU, Superman has been a superhero that made his film debut in the 80s. Starting in 1978, four films based on the character were released until 1987. Although the first three films were successful, things changed when the fourth film, Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, was released.

    The film received a negative response from critics and audiences and it turned out to be a box office bomb. It was so bad that Christopher Reeve, who played the character, regretted being a part of it. But it still had a few good qualities.

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    What Worked In The Movie ‘Superman IV: The Quest For Peace’?

    1. Low Budget And Some Important Messages         

    Christopher Reeve played the role of Clark Kent

    While superhero movies involve a lot of work and need a high budget, ‘Superman IV: The Quest For Peace’, was one of those films made on a budget of only $17 million. This was less compared to the budget of $55 million used in the first movie. The use of a low budget was clearly visible throughout the film.

    The film also featured some messages about nuclear war and the competition between tabloids and journalism. Superman was able to convince the UN to allow him to gather all of the nuclear missiles in a colossal fishing net and throw them into the sun. But this backfires and his arch-nemesis gets an idea of how to fight him.

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    2. Nuclear Man Was Something New And Unique

    Gene Hackman played the role of Lex Luthor

    Superman has battled many enemies in comic books but Nuclear Man is one of those villains who is considered to be unique despite that the film was a failure. Lex Luthor along with his nephew Lenny steals a lock of Superman’s hair from a museum and this leads to the creation of Nuclear Man.

    Luthor makes protoplasm grown from Superman’s hair cells and he then says that he will duplicate creation. Although Luthor hides the protoplasm and the computer inside a nuclear warhead, Superman throws it into the sun, unaware of the fact that this would unleash something dangerous for the entire world.

    Nuclear Man emerges out of the light. He has golden hair and radioactive black fingernails. Luthor describes Nuclear Man as Superman’s first nightmare who would pierce his skin, making him mortal.

    3. Superman Uses His Eyes To Cook Duck

    A still from the movie

    Although Superman is a superhero, he also does a few things on screen that might seem unbelievable to anyone. In one of the sequences, Lois Lane tells him that she is cooking him a spot of dinner.

    Lois is evidently trying to impress and she says that she is cooking scallops and duck in mushroom sauce with champagne. However, Superman wishes to get out of the room as soon as possible and he uses his scowling powers so that the duck roasts before time.

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