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    Zack Snyder Talks About What Would’ve Happened To Henry Cavill’s Superman In The DCEU If It Concluded The Way He Wanted It To

    Zack Snyder‘s DCEU, while commercially divisive, garnered a passionate fanbase for its distinct visuals and complex character portrayals. Henry Cavill’s Superman, particularly, was a topic of much discussion. Snyder’s take presented a more brooding, conflicted hero compared to the traditionally optimistic portrayal. This left many fans curious about Superman’s ultimate fate in Snyder’s vision.

    Fans of Zack Snyder‘s DC Comics vision and Henry Cavill‘s Superman portrayal hold their breath. Snyder shed light on his unfulfilled plans for Superman’s future. Get ready for a Superman unlike any other, one who grapples with darkness before embracing his full potential.

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    Henry Cavill’s Superman Was To ‘Succumb To Darkness to Embrace Humanity’ In Zack Snyder’s Version

    Zack Snyder (L) and Henry Cavill's Superman (R)
    Zack Snyder (L) and Henry Cavill’s Superman (R)

    Snyder’s plan, as revealed in the interview with GQ, would have taken Superman on a harrowing journey. He explained, “He was going to have to succumb to the Anti-Life,” a powerful force that could control minds and emotions. This fall from grace would have been a turning point for the character.  

    Snyder elaborated, “be destroyed, turn back time, and then get his chance for this battle against Darkseid.” Imagine a Superman corrupted by darkness, only to rise again and confront the ultimate villain. All this sounds like it could be a truly epic character arc.

    Snyder concluded by stating this storyline would have “finished his trilogy of becoming this guardian, and sort of, return him to his humanity.” This suggests a Superman who, through hardship and darkness, rediscovers his core values and his connection to humanity. It’s a fresh perspective on the iconic hero, one that emphasizes growth and self-discovery.

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    What’s The Future Of Superman?

    Henry Cavill's Superman
    Henry Cavill’s Superman

    Snyder’s vision remains unfulfilled, with James Gunn now spearheading a new DC Universe. Whether Cavill will reprise the role or if this storyline will ever see the light of day remains uncertain. However, Snyder’s revelation offers a glimpse into a fascinating Superman narrative.

    A narrative that would challenge the perception of the hero. It leaves fans pondering what the future holds for the Man of Steel. Snyderverse fans would want nothing more than to see this arc of Superman. However, whether Snyder’s bold vision will ever be brought to life still remains a question.

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