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    Joe Biden Once Again Refers to Vice President Kamala Harris As “President Harris”

    When Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump for the office of the President of the United States of America, it gave people hope after a long time. Many promises of stability were made as the world looked at the leader of the free world, Joe Biden, to bring a divided nation into his fold. But nowadays, he has become a sort of laughing stock for his problem with keep failing to remember things.

    Since Biden has been in office, he’s been the talk of the town for all the wrong reasons. A global politician like him should be in the headlines for decisions made in international policy matters. Biden, however, keeps making one goof after another, from fumbling on steps to forgetting who is who. This time, he’s on the news for failing to remember Vice President Kamala Harris’ designation.

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    Why Did Joe Biden Call Kamala Harris “President Harris”?

    Joe Biden Looking Perplexed

    President Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris were attending a White House Press Conference regarding the Biden administration’s steps in updating the U.S.- Mexico. Vice President Harris came under media scrutiny for her lack of visits.

    President Joe Biden quickly jumped to her defense, “President Harris led this effort. [She] led this effort to make things better in the countries from which they [migrants] are leaving,” Biden said, not realizing the faux pas he had committed. He’s not a stranger when it comes to such slip of tongues.

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    How Did Kamala Harris React To Being Called “President Harris”?

    Kamala Harris Handles The Snafu

    Unfortunately, this wasn’t the President’s first snafu with words. Joe Biden’s forgetfulness has brought out all the claims of his declining mental health from both houses. While politicos and legal analysts have taken to Twitter, Vice President Kamala Harris’ reaction is being discussed by all. As Biden flubbed his speech, Kamala Harris showed him sympathy with a clumsy nod.

    We can only commend her on her handling of the situation. Hopefully, Biden doesn’t make mistakes that make people doubt his leadership. President Biden’s mental health issue would be a hot-button issue, one he must overcome if he wants a fighting chance in the upcoming 2024 Presidential Elections.

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